Xiamen University with QR Codes that act like a personal tour guide

POSTED BY on Oct 30 under QR Codes

The Xiamen University launched a project that includes QR Code information platform and introductions to natural and cultural landscapes and other information.

A QR Code board was placed on objects such as the Phoenix tree, that visitors can scan to get the web address to an introduction about the tree.

The board acts like a button which users can “click” and get the information about the object. It is very accurate and people need just a smartphone to scan the QR Code.

Another advantage is that the information in the database can be updated and enriched in real time while the web address remains the same, meaning that the users will always get up to date info.

The system will be upgraded to support more devices and will allow users to read newspapers and register for meetings.

Source: whatsonxiamen.com

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