World’s largest QR Code formed by humans

POSTED BY on Jan 29 under QR Codes

2,000 staff members of the Mission Hills Luxury Golf & Spa resort have formed a huge QR Code by carrying umbrellas in order to promote eco tourism.

The Guinness World Records have recognized the golf resort as the largest in the world, with 12 eighteen hole fully operational courses.

Last year the largest QR Code record was achieved by the Kraay family from Canada, with their corn maze.

The largest human QR Code was formed by the employees carrying umbrellas at the Mission Hills in Shenzhen, China.

The image of the code was taken from a height of 270 ft in the air. The QR code is leading to a mobile friendly website that is promoting sustainable eco tourism.

The resort invested over $50 million on an environmental sustainability project that includes everything from water waste, air quality and carbon emissions and so prove that environmental protection and golf course management are going hand in hand.



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