Warren County schools with QR Codes at the entrances

POSTED BY on May 11 under QR Codes

A new way to provide information for parents, visitors and teachers have on Warren County schools.

Each school has a QR Code at the entrance, and by incorporating them at schools it would help students, parents and visitors easily find the school’s phone number, website, pictures and teacher information.

Ryan Bell, a Warren Central High School senior, is making the QR Codes and placed them at the doors of every Warren County school and wrote a guide on how to make a QR Code.

His goal is to put a QR Code outside every classroom.

The QR Code will link to a specific classroom website, so parents can scan it and see what is the class about.

Also students can get information about each day’s assignments and find resources to complete them.

QR Codes can also help families who do not know English to find information about teachers and schools, so the codes can be essential in the future, particularly with the language barriers.

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