Toys R Us with QR Codes to promote outdoor products

POSTED BY on May 22 under QR Codes

Toys R Us are promoting their new outdoor products by using QR Codes and is allowing the customers to visualize how the items would look in their backyards.

Many of the outdoor products are too large to display in the store and the company is using signage that allow customers to scan the code of the item. This QR Code campaign is the largest to date, according to the retailer.

Customers are increasingly using their smartphones to shop and find more details on the products.

Toys R Us is providing an engaging in-store experience that allow users to see the outdoor items in action.

Many of the QR Code signage are leading to videos showing kids playing with the summer toys.

The products featuring QR Code include pools, sandboxes, trampolines, picnic tables and slides.

In 2011, the company rolled out a virtual shop featuring QR Codes on billboards, allowing the customers to purchase Toys R Us’ 2011 Hot Toy List.

The company is one of the biggest in the world, operating more than 1,500 stores in the US and over 700 worldwide.



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