The ITC staff reviewed the Apple/ Samsung case, supports the initial ruling

POSTED BY on Nov 30 under Mobile & Web News

A while back Samsung had requested that the ITC review the initial ruling by Judge Thomas Pender, who decided that Samsung is infringing four Apple patents, while not violating two others.

Although for different reasons, both companies have requested the review.

Of course, Samsung hoped that the review could rule more in their favor, while Apple wanted even greater sanctions.

The ITC have come back with the finding and it looks like neither Samsung nor Apple are getting what they wanted, even though Samsung is losing after all.

The staff it seems to support the initial ruling, claiming that the judge did not commit factual and legal errors and denied Samsung’s request, along with Apple’s.

In Apple’s case however, the ITC found Samsung to have violated an Apple patent, that the initial decision found that it did not.

The final ITC ruling is expected to be made public very soon.


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