The German court is extending its Samsung Galaxy Tab ban on the EU

POSTED BY on Jul 26 under Mobile & Web News

The German court has ruled that will extend its Galaxy Tab ban on the EU.

This comes despite the fact that some countries do not think that Samsung is infringing iPad patents or copying the device and see all those cases as a trick, so Apple does not have to compete with Samsung.

The odd think about the German decision is that it is for the 7.7 inch tablet, of which Steve Jobs once stated that 7.7 inch device was dead and Apple will release one over Jobs’ dead body.

So oddly, Samsung has been producing a device that Apple admitted it will never make.

Samsung stated that they are disappointed with the ruling and that the company will continue to protect its rights and defend against Apple’s claims to make their products available to customers across the EU.

Actually, Samsung will not lose much over the tablet being pulled from the shelves, as the device was not doing very well and it is pretty expensive and its market has been killed off by the more affordable Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and the Nexus 7 will certainly finish it off.

However, Samsung has won a case in the UK court that ruled the Galaxy Tab did not copy the iPad, but if the German court declare their ruling and apply it to the EU it is strange, as the UK ruling could equally apply to the EU.


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