The Galaxy SIV to include eye scrolling feature

POSTED BY on Mar 6 under Mobile & Web News

Samsung’s Galaxy SIV to include eye scrolling feature, which will make it easier to read text hand free.

The device is expected to launch in an event in New York on March 14th and will be able to sense eye placement on pages. When it tracks the movement of the eye at the bottom of the display, the software automatically scrolls down to show other paragraphs.

An unnamed Samsung employee has stated that the software will be the star of the new device, not the hardware.

Samsung has shown interest in the eye tracking technology and has filed a Eye Scroll and Eye Pause trademarks in February.

The company has been teasing the device with a video, referring to it as one of the most amazing smartphones to hit the market.

Rumor has it that the Galaxy SIV will include an Exynos 5 eight core processor, 13MP camera, 2GB of RAM and will run on Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2.



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