The Facebook phone rumor reappears

POSTED BY on May 29 under Mobile & Web News

Facebook is reportedly building a smartphone, as the next step in its mobile strategy. It is rumored that they are hiring engineers from Apple.

Facebook is willing to release the phone by the end of the year and has picked up ex-Apple engineers who have been working on the iPad, as reported by NYT. The project started a few years ago but fell apart when it became clear that they do not have the experience needed.

The reports shows that Facebook may have interest in the Opera Software, the developer of desktop and mobile phone browsers.

All this information comes within a week after Google closes the deal with Motorola.

The motivation is very clear, as a new company in the public, Facebook must find income sources and they fear of being left behind in the mobile marketplace, the most promising and quickly growing area.

The past few weeks they rolled out Facebook Messages application, the Facebook App Store, Facebook bought Instagram, interested in buying Opera Software and other apps are already into Facebook – contacts, calendar etc., so it could probably get a Bing-based mapping application.

One week ago, Facebook had its very shady IPO and now this rumor resurfaces just in time for another trading week. Coincidence?


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