Tesco to launch a new project that will use AR

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Tesco UK will be rolling out a new project that will use augmented reality. To engage customers, Tesco is introducing an AR venture in 3 of its UK locations and they are hoping to create a new shopping experience for its customers that are interested in the F&F line of clothes.

The AR technology will not be the only interactive experience that the company will be testing for its new project.

Tesco will be using AR technology to magical mirrors that are actually large screens using a camera and image recognition software.

When the users interact with the mirror they can browse a range of clothes and “try” them on digitally.

AR is used to overlay the items over the customers’ reflection and so providing them an idea of how the clothes are looking on them.

Tesco is also making use of digital mannequins that will be animated with holograms and will be interacting with the customers through recorded audio.


Source: digitalartsonline.co.uk

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