Google’s market share dropped in the UK

POSTED BY on Nov 7 under Mobile & Web News

Latest search engine report is showing that 89% of all United Kingdom internet searches were conducted on Google websites. This is the first time in 5 years that Google dropped under 90% market share. As Google’s market share drops, Microsoft, Ask and Yahoo! have a positive month. Microsoft’s Bing search engine increased its market share [...]

Gmail is the most used e-mail service

POSTED BY on Nov 1 under Mobile & Web News

While Hotmail and Yahoo are still in use, it is not surprising that almost everyone has a Gmail address. After Google offered 1GB storage on launch, it made a huge difference among others in storage, compared to Hotmail and Yahoo, which probably helped Google to gain ground. ComScore is reporting that Gmail has proven to [...]

Instagram is the fastest growing website with 19% increase in April

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When Instagram’s application was launched for Android smartphones, the user numbers jumped to 10 millions in only 10 days and shortly after that was bought by Facebook. The company watched its website climbing up to the top 10 fastest growing websites in the US, jumping with the impressive 19% in a single month. The same [...]

Yahoo! launches web browser for iOS

POSTED BY on May 28 under Mobile & Web News

Yahoo! launched a compact browser and search tool called Axis for the iPhone and iPad market. The company plans to launch Axis for Android and Windows RT in the future, but has no plans on supporting BlackBerry. Yahoo! intends to release a plugin that will implement the search details with Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer [...]