P&G with QR Code campaign

POSTED BY on Nov 16 under QR Codes

P&G has launched “Have you tried this yet?” campaign centered around brands like Gillette, Secret and Pantene, which is an aggressive move into the mobile marketplace for the company. The company has placed QR Codes to all their print ads to educate and drive mobile commerce in the United States. All print ads from newspapers [...]

Walmart and Mattel launched a virtual store in Toronto

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Walmart and Mattel have launched a virtual toy store in Toronto, providing QR Code based experience for their customers. Th store is located in Toronto’s underground walkway and it will run for 4 weeks to provide the customers the ease in purchasing gifts. The virtual toy store is created by BrandFire Group in partnership with [...]

Walmart is testing a self checkout platform

POSTED BY on Sep 3 under Mobile & Web News

Walmart has started testing a new checkout platform that uses an iPhone to pay for purchases. The project is taking place in Arkansas and it will allow customers to scan their purchases using an iPhone and pay for the items without meeting a cashier. Customers bag their items and are required to stop by a [...]

MCX joint venture to develop a mobile payment application

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US merchants have formed a company that will allow customers to make payments and receive rewards by using their smartphones. The joint venture is named Merchant Customer Exchange and it is currently creating a mobile app that will integrate customer offers, retail projects and promotions from the participating retailers. According to MCX the app will [...]

Procter&Gamble with QR Coded shopping trucks

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Procter&Gamble placed QR Codes on shopping trucks, that enables the customers to scan the code and make a purchase. The eight codes are allowing the users to place orders for home delivery from Walmart’s website. The trucks also distributes samples for free. The locations that the shopping truck will be are tweeted by @PGMobile and [...]