15% of people in Europe have been using QR Codes

POSTED BY on Jan 29 under QR Codes

Pitney Bowes announced a report showing the levels of QR Code usage in the United States and Europe and the numbers are very interesting. The survey include 2,000 users in the United States and 1,000 in the UK, Germany and France. In Europe only 15% of people have used QR Codes. Among the countries that [...]

The United Kingdom surpasses Japan in mobile usage

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The UK is now the country with the highest mobile usage in the market, with its users consuming more data on their mobile devices. The UK is consuming 425 MB of data monthly which is 60% increase compared to 2011. Second is Japan with 390 MB monthly and third is the US with 320 MB. [...]

Ofcom is planning 5G wireless services in the UK

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Ofcom has announced that it is planning 5G services, that will ensure that the United Kingdom can meet the mobile data growth expected by 2030, even though it did not hold the auctions for 4G. Ofcom has forecasted that in the United Kingdom the demand for mobile data in 2030 could be eighty times higher [...]

Google’s market share dropped in the UK

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Latest search engine report is showing that 89% of all United Kingdom internet searches were conducted on Google websites. This is the first time in 5 years that Google dropped under 90% market share. As Google’s market share drops, Microsoft, Ask and Yahoo! have a positive month. Microsoft’s Bing search engine increased its market share [...]

The UK Court is not pleased with Apple’s apology

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Last week Apple posted in its official page the apology that the UK Court ordered back in July. The statement was supposed to read that Samsung did not copy Apple’s iPad, instead it sounds disinterested and it seems that Apple is apologizing without meaning it. Somehow the court felt it and is reprimanding Apple for [...]

Newport is using QR Codes to share the city’s history

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Newport city, UK, is going mobile by using QR Codes to share the city’s history with tourists and locals. The QR Codes are posted all over the city and when scanned with a mobile device people can learn more about the specific location via a mobile website where locals have published witnessed events, stories that [...]

Victoria’s Secret with a multi media experience in the UK

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At the opening of its second London‘ Mayfair store this week, Victoria’s Secret is installing the largest video wall of its kind and says it will mark the intentions of the brand to put a multi media experience at the center of its marketing strategy. Digital screens will be embedded inside the store, so that [...]