T-Mobile responds to AT&T’s offensive ads

POSTED BY on Mar 7 under Mobile & Web News

On Friday afternoon AT&T has published an ad in a newspaper bashing T-Mobile. The advertisement is saying that there are 50% slower download speeds, more than twice the dropped and failed calls in the T-Mobile network compared to AT&T’s. It has been only a few days since the ad was published in a number of [...]

T-Mobile using QR Codes to simplify payments in Czech Republic

POSTED BY on Mar 4 under QR Codes

T-Mobile announced the use of QR Codes in an effort to simplify the invoice payments. The payment can be completed with just one click with no need for additional identification. Users need a smartphone with the mobile banking application provided by their bank. The new feature is currently offered by Raiffeisen Bank and Komercni Banka. [...]

RIM, Apple, Motorola and other companies sued for wireless related patent violation

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And just as we thought that the lawsuits are over, it looks like RIM, Motorola, Apple and a number of other companies which include US telecoms have been surprised with a massive case and will be sued over patent violation of wireless related patent owned by Steelhead Licensing. The patent is related to a process [...]

Stolen phones to be blocked in the Netherlands from 2013

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Stolen mobile devices will be remotely blocked from next year in the Netherlands. The decision was made after a discussion between the ministers of agriculture and innovation, economics affairs and telecom providers T-Mobile and Vodafone Netherlands. The devices will be remotely disarmed by blocking their IMEI number, which every phone has. By disarming the number, [...]

Isis delayed until further notice

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The joint venture between T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon, Isis, will not be rolling out its trial as scheduled for the end of the summer. Isis has announced that it delay the trials, planned to start in September in Utah, Austin and Salt Lake City. Isis is attempting to launch a platform of mobile payments that [...]