The Galaxy SIV might be coping Sony’s float touch tech

POSTED BY on Mar 11 under Mobile & Web News

The upcoming Galaxy SIV will reportedly include a float touch display tech, which is a feature that appeared first on the Sony Xperia Sola. According to the latest rumors the Samsung device will include the the floating touch feature that will enable users to control the screen without even touching it. The floating touch display [...]

Sony’s quarter profits are no longer looking bad

POSTED BY on Feb 7 under Mobile & Web News

It has been a few bad years for Sony, with a business structure that was not working efficiently and slow sales getting in their way. But things are beginning to brighten up in the third quarter report. The company is reporting an operating revenue of $535 million, up from a billion operating loss. Sony still [...]

Sony’s Personal Content Station with an April release date

POSTED BY on Feb 7 under Mobile & Web News

At the CES 2013 Sony has announced its Personal Content Station that is using NFC technology to pair with Android devices. The device has been given an April release date and the expected price is around $300. The storage station will include a 1TB drive which is NFC compatible to enable simple and quick pairing [...]

RIM, Apple, Motorola and other companies sued for wireless related patent violation

POSTED BY on Jan 8 under Mobile & Web News

And just as we thought that the lawsuits are over, it looks like RIM, Motorola, Apple and a number of other companies which include US telecoms have been surprised with a massive case and will be sued over patent violation of wireless related patent owned by Steelhead Licensing. The patent is related to a process [...]

US court found Apple’s iPhone on infringing three MobileMedia’s patents

POSTED BY on Dec 15 under Mobile & Web News

The US court has found Apple’s iPhone on infringing three MobileMedia’s patents, a company based in Maryland. MobileMedia is an essentially patent-holding firm and its patents are displayed on their site, have sued Apple in 2010, stating that the company has infringed around 20 of its patents. The latest ruling has found the iPhone to [...]

Sony reaches third place in the global smartphone rankings

POSTED BY on Nov 27 under Mobile & Web News

Sony has jumped 3 places in the global smartphone rankings and it is now on the 3rd place right behind Apple and Samsung. In 2011 Sony was on 6th place, which was quite unimpressive, but since the company has overtaken HTC, Nokia and RIM. However, the rise of Sony may have more to do with [...]

Sony announced an NFC portable speaker

POSTED BY on Aug 30 under Mobile & Web News

At the IFA in Berlin yesterday, Sony has announced an NFC enabled speaker that can connect with your phone to play directly from the device’s music library. NFC smartphone owners need to tap their mobile devices against the speaker to connect via Bluetooth which can stream music. When tapped again, the connection stops the music [...]

Samsung, Sony and Nokia forming an alliance to deliver indoor mapping

POSTED BY on Aug 23 under Mobile & Web News

Samsung, Sony Mobile and Nokia have teamed up to form the In-Location Alliance aiming to provide indoor mapping services. The Alliance include twenty two major technology companies, such as Qualcomm, Nordic Group and Broadcom, and is set on providing low power consumption, implementability, high accuracy, usability and mobility. The service will operate over Bluetooth 4.0 [...]

Sony announced that it will release а PlayStation Mobile

POSTED BY on Aug 16 under Mobile & Web News

Sony’s gaming service platform, PlayStation, will be available on Android and Vita. At the Gamescom in Germany, Sony stated that it will release PlayStation Mobile this fall in over thirty countries including Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Japan, US, UK, Spain and Australia. Sony Computer Entertainment is planning small sized games which will play on the [...]

Sony is working on AR glasses

POSTED BY on Jun 27 under Mobile & Web News

Sony is embracing AR technology more quickly, the company has been experienced some pressure from competitors to adopt AR and provide customers with a new experience. Users have shown interest in AR and its various uses, this interest is directed at Google for its Project Glass. Google’s Project Glass was aiming to bring AR to [...]

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