Hyundai to incorporate NFC for keyless start to its vehicles

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Hyundai has announced that is planning to incorporate NFC to its vehicles in an innovative way. NFC technology could easily replace the need of a physical key in a form of a keyless start functions for vehicles. The driver must simply tap their mobile device to the car handle to unlock the door, the functionality [...]

Harmonic Group to use RFID technology to secure newborns at hospitals

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Harmonic Group is negotiating with a private hospital in South Africa to incorporate its RFID technology to secure and track newborns. The RFID ankle bracelet will ensure that only authorized medical staff will be allowed to access the nursery. The tags will enable them to transport and monitor the babies at all times and to [...]

Arizona’s attraction The Nest is personalizing the experience using RFID tracking

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Arizona’s attraction, The Nest is incorporating RFID tracking and social media integration this Halloween, which will allow visitors to experience fear like never before. The Nest is teaming up with Brightline Interactive Studio and Fish Technologies for the RFID tracking system integration, which will follow the visitors and will personalize the experience as they enter [...]

Shanghai’s authorities are placing RFID electronic licenses on 50,000 taxis

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The authorities in Shanghai, China, are placing RFID enabled licenses on each of its 50,000 taxis in order to protect both drivers and passengers from fake taxis. The RFID tag will be placed on the left side of the windshield and will provide information such as engine number, operating license details and plate number, as [...]

Roger Waters to use RFID for his The Wall tour

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Roger Waters, an Amnesty International supporter and former Pink Floyd member, will make use of RFID technology to connect his fans to his “The Wall” tour and their Facebook profiles. The production will see Waters’ biggest construction of “The Wall” – 800 feet across with additional pyrotechnics and lighting and massive surround sound system. The [...]

Bamboozle festival in New Jersey is the latest to adopt RFID wristbands

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Bamboozle festival in New Jersey is adopting RFID wristbands, allowing more than 80,000 visitors to take advantage of contactless entry. The 3 day music festival that features seven stages is going paperless by providing fans with RFID wristbands, that gives access to ticket’s information. The wristbands are supplied by ID&C UK, and are featuring a [...]

RFID Oyster ring to pay for the London Underground

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RFID technology is increasing its popularity and the payment method is spreading all around us. There is a popular trend in the UK, that involves hacking into the transit system’s Oyster card and making it an access device that is wearable. The method of removing the chip from the Oyster card has been documented several [...]

RFID pet tag

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A new RFID tracking tag was announced by Daily RFID, that is developed to be unnoticeable and equipped on the collar. Them RFID tag has 96/512/2000 bits storage capacity that holds pet information, contact, owner information and medical records. The tag can be very useful in animal shelters and pet daycares, so makes it easier [...]