SquareScan offering QR Code generating service for businesses

POSTED BY on Dec 20 under QR Codes

SquareScan is now offering businesses a QR Code generating service that will allow companies to produce and develop QR Code of their own. This is not the only service SquareScan is offering, as QR Code Generators are available online, the company also offers an analyzing and tracking services so that other companies using the QR [...]

18% of the vehicle owners in the US have scanned QR Codes

POSTED BY on Dec 19 under QR Codes

A recent report from DMEautomotive reveals that 18% of the vehicle owners in the US have scanned a QR Code. When the participants were asked where the scans directed them 44% have answered that the codes obtained additional information about the product, another 44% answered that a website opened and 36% responded that they have [...]

Shop2Mobi with QR Code virtual shop platform for retailers

POSTED BY on Dec 18 under QR Codes

In 2009 Tesco has launched its QR Code virtual shop and since the number of QR Code stores has doubled. This year over 250 QR Code virtual stores were placed around the world and over 1500 are announced for next year. With the rise of mcommerce, retailers are integrating their offline and online channels. The [...]

Stamford AFC placing QR Codes on their team shirts

POSTED BY on Dec 3 under QR Codes

Stamford AFC, a football team in England’s Northern Premier League Division One South placed QR Codes linked to the club’s Twitter account to team’s shirts. It is not quite clear how much uptake the club is expecting with the QR Code, considering the movements and the distance of the players. UK Sports Network notes that [...]

QR Codes allow nonprofit organizations to make donations

POSTED BY on Dec 3 under QR Codes

Linxter has announced that it will be adding QR Code donation support to its mobile application allAware, that is designed to improve member and communication engagement for nonprofits. QR Codes are making it easier for people to support their organizations, as all they have to do is scan the code via a mobile application. For [...]

94% of the users recognize QR Codes

POSTED BY on Nov 30 under QR Codes

An interesting research from PRS among 1,500 US users, has revealed that 94% of them recognize QR Codes. The survey reveals that 54% of customers own a smartphone, 76% use them to shop and almost half of those who use their mobile devices to shop use them to compare and check prices, read reviews and [...]

Nokia released a PhotoBeamer app that shares your photos via QR Codes

POSTED BY on Nov 30 under QR Codes

Today Nokia released a new application for its Windows Phone Lumia devices called PhotoBeamer to allow users to share images via QR Codes. The goal is to make the photo sharing simple and fast. Nokia states that the application is opening images from the Windows Phone default gallery and then visits the PhotoBeamer site from [...]

QR Codes are making the Codigo Cube the first interactive family game

POSTED BY on Nov 30 under QR Codes

Game and toy company Four Clowns has released the first interactive trivia game. The game is an interactive trivia dice game that can be played by scanning the QR Codes on the cube. The codes can be scanned with a free application, available for devices running on Android 2.2.2 or higher and iOS and the [...]

Czech Komercni Bank launched QR Codes for mobile payments

POSTED BY on Nov 29 under QR Codes

Komercni Bank in the Czech Republic has launched QR Codes that will allow their users to make mobile payments, and will also be the first in Eastern Europe. The service will be the first that is fully compatible with Windows 8 devices. The QR Codes will allow users to scan the image to confirm and [...]

Harmony includes QR Codes and AR into t-shirts

POSTED BY on Nov 27 under QR Codes

Harmony have launched an augmented reality range of products, just in time for the shopping season. The product line includes iPad sleeves, t-shirts and mouse mats. The company is using QR Codes and an augmented reality application to make the images come alive once they are scanned. Some of the most popular designs are the [...]

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