Cargill and Disney with QR Code promotion

POSTED BY on Mar 8 under QR Codes

Cargill and Disney are using QR Codes to encourage customers to buy the Wreck It Ralph Blu Ray pack. Cargill’s brands Shady Brook Farms and Honeysuckle White are offering a $5 refund with a meat purchase and the Blu Ray during the promotion which is running until the 30th of April.   The packaging includes [...]

Moshi Moshi with a QR Code sushi

POSTED BY on Feb 15 under QR Codes

Moshi Moshi, UK’s first sushi-go-round bar has included a QR Code sushi circling in their restaurants. Moshi Moshi created a QR Code that will provide its diners information on which fish they are eating and where did it came from. The video below shows the restaurant’s many failed attempts to create the QR Code out [...]

ScanMed with QR Codes that contain vital medical information

POSTED BY on Feb 12 under QR Codes

ScanMed is a leading medical alert technology provider that is making use of QR Codes for some time and now has developed an emergency medical alert system that is entirely based on QR Codes. The QR CardSuite was recently introduced with ScanMed stating that it is the first service of its kind in the industry. [...]

China video site Youku with QR Codes to every video

POSTED BY on Feb 6 under QR Codes

Youku, China’s top video website has included QR Codes to every video on its desktop site so users could continue viewing on smartphone or tablet. Every Youku video page has a QR icon which when pressed will present a QR Code. Scanning the code with a smartphone or tablet will instantly launch the same video [...]

Nestle with QR Codes on their packaging

POSTED BY on Feb 4 under QR Codes

Nestle is launching a new campaign that include QR Codes on all of their products packaging for both developed and emerging markets in order to provide nutritional information to its customers. The company’s digital labeling campaign is coming right after McDonald’s has revealed its new project that has QR Codes printed on the carry out [...]

Delhi International Airport with India’s first QR Code virtual shop

POSTED BY on Feb 1 under QR Codes

The first QR Code virtual shop in India has opened in the New Delhi International Airport. The online distribution and marketing company HomeShop18 has named the store “Scan N Shop” and displays QR Codes for mobile devices, jewelery, electronics, perfumes and clothing. The company is hoping that the 400,000 passengers that Terminal 3 sees daily [...]

SunExpress with a QR Code scavenger hunt

POSTED BY on Jan 25 under QR Codes

SunExpress, which is owned by Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines has started a scavenger hunt in Istanbul that include QR Codes. The QR Code ads are placed in shops, cafes and restaurants around Istanbul under the title “Crack the code”. Each of the six QR Codes include one letter and together the six letters are forming [...]

Jefferson City placed a QR Codes to the City Council

POSTED BY on Jan 24 under QR Codes

To improve the efficiency and transparency, the Jefferson City is placing a QR Code on the door of the City Council that will held meetings two times a month. The members of the public that are attending the meeting will be able to scan the QR Code and will be directed to links with supporting [...]

Unicef’s the Speak Up for Children campaign is using QR Codes to raise awareness

POSTED BY on Jan 11 under QR Codes

Unicef launched its Speak Up for Children mobile campaign and is experiencing success among mobile users, whose opinions and awareness have notably increased and the likelihood of making donations has seen measurable growth. Behind the campaign is Oglivy & Mather, one of the largest marketing companies in the world. Unicef is not new to the [...]

QR Codes to provide historical information in North Wales

POSTED BY on Jan 8 under QR Codes

QR Codes appear on different historic places across the North Wales in order to provide virtual tour for visitors and also to locals who want to learn more about their history. The participants in the project have realized that there is a great deal to connect history with website, as plaques may not provide all [...]

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