QR Code cake? This time in India

POSTED BY on Feb 15 under QR Codes

We have seen a QR Code cake Guinness record in Beijing in January, now in India there is another attempt for a record. In the Ambience Shopping Mall in India, WeChat – world’s biggest messaging and video call application is using the QR Code cake as a social marketing tool. The code is linked to [...]

QR Code portrait of Hitman in San Francisco

POSTED BY on Feb 5 under QR Codes

Scott Blake, a barcode artist has created a 12×9 feet mosaic portrait for the launch of the popular PC, Xbox and PlayStation game Hitman HD: Trilogy. The portrait of Agent 47, the game’s primary character is created from almost 10,000 Universal Product Code barcodes from the game box and also includes some QR Codes. Scanning [...]

Krispy Kreme donuts with QR Code that allows you to send Valentine’s e-cards

POSTED BY on Feb 4 under QR Codes

Krispy Kreme donuts for Valentine’s day are heart shaped and are coming in a box of six with a QR Code that is linked to a mobile friendly website that allow users to send e-cards. The website also allows users to customize their Facebook Cover. In addition, the box of donuts contains six Valentine cards [...]

QR Codes raise funds for a museum in Guatemala

POSTED BY on Feb 1 under QR Codes

QR Codes have been used to raise money for the Museo de la Semana Santa in Antigua. Over one million tourists have visited the city to watch the Holy Week processions which are considered to be one of the most remarkable in the world. Local people are working for days to make the sawdust decorative [...]

Natcher Elementary uses QR Codes in its library

POSTED BY on Feb 1 under QR Codes

Natcher Elementary students are making use of QR Codes and placing them on the library books. Students are recording an audio review of a book and include it on the school’s website, after that a QR Code is created and placed on the back of the book, so other students can scan and hear the [...]

Mitsubishi with a QR Code at the ISE 2013

POSTED BY on Jan 30 under QR Codes

The 2013 trade show Integrated Systems Europe has opened in Amsterdam yesterday with almost a thousand exhibitors. Mitsubishi is also among the exhibitors and they have included a 70 inch LED display and two giant cubes that are hanging over the company’s stand. Both of the cubes include QR Codes that resolve to a mobile [...]

15% of people in Europe have been using QR Codes

POSTED BY on Jan 29 under QR Codes

Pitney Bowes announced a report showing the levels of QR Code usage in the United States and Europe and the numbers are very interesting. The survey include 2,000 users in the United States and 1,000 in the UK, Germany and France. In Europe only 15% of people have used QR Codes. Among the countries that [...]

World’s largest QR Code formed by humans

POSTED BY on Jan 29 under QR Codes

2,000 staff members of the Mission Hills Luxury Golf & Spa resort have formed a huge QR Code by carrying umbrellas in order to promote eco tourism. The Guinness World Records have recognized the golf resort as the largest in the world, with 12 eighteen hole fully operational courses. Last year the largest QR Code [...]

Chevrolet is placing QR Codes on their Volt electric cars

POSTED BY on Jan 24 under QR Codes

Chevrolet has placed QR Codes to share more information about the Volt electric car, so consumers can access it convenient and simple. The QR Code stickers are applied to a number of places, including the cars in the showrooms. The codes have also been distributed among vehicle owners and this way people can scan them [...]

Argentinean charity is using QR Codes to involve people in finding missing children

POSTED BY on Jan 23 under QR Codes

An Argentinean charity for missing children, Bandera Blanca is making use of QR Codes to involve parents in finding the kids. The QR Codes are placed in Buenos Aires parks where parents are bringing the kids to play. The Bandera Blanca calls the codes QRiosity and when they are scanned they are leading to a [...]

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