NFC and QR Codes to access hotel deals

POSTED BY on Mar 12 under QR Codes

The US largest mall digital network is to install NFC technology and QR Codes into 140 of their malls. The Adspace Digital Mall Network is using Blue Bite mTag platform on their screens to include advertising that will encourage users to scan or tap the QR Code on the mTag placard on the side panel [...]

T-Mobile using QR Codes to simplify payments in Czech Republic

POSTED BY on Mar 4 under QR Codes

T-Mobile announced the use of QR Codes in an effort to simplify the invoice payments. The payment can be completed with just one click with no need for additional identification. Users need a smartphone with the mobile banking application provided by their bank. The new feature is currently offered by Raiffeisen Bank and Komercni Banka. [...]

Dutch company embroider QR Codes

POSTED BY on Feb 28 under QR Codes

LogoBourduurstudio, a Netherlands based company is making use of an embroidery machine controlled by a computer to produce cloth made up of QR Codes. This is making it possible to embroider the QR Codes into a number of items and apparel as well. This could open a number of opportunities as many companies have been [...]

Gainesville with QR Code project

POSTED BY on Feb 27 under QR Codes

Main Street Gainesville has launched a QR Code project this week, placing the code in 2 vacant buildings. Main Street is focused on economic development and the QR Code campaign is a tool to recruit businesses to Gainesville. The QR Code is linked to a website that includes additional information and statistics such as building [...]

MasterCard announced MasterPass

POSTED BY on Feb 26 under QR Codes

It looks like Visa is not the only credit card company to make an announcement during the MWC, as MasterCard has also revealed some mobile payments news. MasterCard is revealing its MasterPass mobile payments service which allows users to scan barcodes of products they want to buy. MasterPass is not a standalone app, instead its [...]

QR Code bracelet allows you to send a personal message

POSTED BY on Feb 25 under QR Codes

The QR Code bracelet and the Chipp’d application will allow you to create your own mobile website that is accessible only when the QR Code is scanned with the application. Users can customize the mobile website with images, social media, videos, audio links, PDF’s or contact cards. Mobile site is viewable via a QR Code [...]

Bancontact/Mister Cash announced a mobile payment application that makes use of QR Codes

POSTED BY on Feb 22 under QR Codes

Bancontact/Mister Cash, a Belgian payment company has announced a new mobile application that uses QR Codes to let customers to transfer funds to each other. To complete a transaction, the recipient must open the payment application and enter the amount to be sent. A QR Code is then generated that the payer must scan with [...]

Spartanburg Safety Department placing QR Codes on their vehicles to provide people with more information

POSTED BY on Feb 20 under QR Codes

The Spartanburg Safety Department in South Carolina is placing QR Codes in all of their vehicles in order to provide people with more information. The QR Codes are going to be placed to animal services cars, fire department cars, patrol vehicles and all other city cars. The codes will be used to help people gain [...]

Classes teach gardeners on grow QR Codes out of plants

POSTED BY on Feb 18 under QR Codes

QR codes have been appearing in an increasing number of living displays, ranging from giant mazes to botanical displays. A number of growers and farmers are using QR Codes to promote their products and educate customers about how and what they provide. QR Codes are used by both home and professional gardeners to contact with [...]

Creative Jar with personalized direct mail QR Code campaign

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Creative Jar has started a new campaign which targeted Valentine’s themed direct mail. The pamphlets that was sent out by Creative Jar to a number of potential clients in the Thames Valley area. The direct mail is aiming to marry the old traditional Valentine’s day card and the new technology, as on the cards include [...]

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