Nokia backing Apple in the Apple/Samsung trial

POSTED BY on Mar 7 under Mobile & Web News

The Apple/Samsung patent trial continues but a new player has entered the dispute – Nokia made it clear that is taking Apple’s side. Apple’s request for a ban of twenty six Samsung smartphones and tablets in December was denied with the US court stating that Apple has to prove the relationship between the stolen features [...]

McDonald’s to offer wireless charging

POSTED BY on Mar 4 under Mobile & Web News

McDonald’s is to adopt the Qi wireless charging technology which attaches a ring to the users device and when placed on the table where the Powerkiss pad is embedded customers will be able to charge their mobile device while enjoying their cheeseburger. At first the technology will be available in Europe only. Since it is [...]

Apple’s iPhone became the most used mobile device for internet activity

POSTED BY on Feb 5 under Mobile & Web News

Apple’s iPhone overtakes Nokia’s handsets and has become the most used mobile device for online activity. In January Nokia drops the first place, as Apple’s iPhone make up the majority of internet activity. The iPhone’s internet activity is on the rise in January, but it is falling compared to a year earlier. In 2012 the [...]

Nokia beats Samsung and Apple in Finland

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Nokia’s new line of Windows Phone devices has been doing very well and they have actually beaten the Samsung’s Galaxy S3 and Apple’s iPhone 5 or at least in its homeland. Latest rankings for Elisa and DNA carriers are showing that Nokia manages to holds its own. However it is not the Lumia devices that [...]

Nokia released a PhotoBeamer app that shares your photos via QR Codes

POSTED BY on Nov 30 under QR Codes

Today Nokia released a new application for its Windows Phone Lumia devices called PhotoBeamer to allow users to share images via QR Codes. The goal is to make the photo sharing simple and fast. Nokia states that the application is opening images from the Windows Phone default gallery and then visits the PhotoBeamer site from [...]

Windows Phone sales have increased to 4 times

POSTED BY on Nov 29 under Mobile & Web News

Windows Phone sales have seen rise to 4 times compared to 2011. Steve Ballmer has announced that the increase is due to the new Windows Phone 8 features, the improved screens and the powerful handsets overall. For its several weeks on sale, the Windows Phone is doing very well. Nokia and HTC’s handsets are getting [...]

Sony reaches third place in the global smartphone rankings

POSTED BY on Nov 27 under Mobile & Web News

Sony has jumped 3 places in the global smartphone rankings and it is now on the 3rd place right behind Apple and Samsung. In 2011 Sony was on 6th place, which was quite unimpressive, but since the company has overtaken HTC, Nokia and RIM. However, the rise of Sony may have more to do with [...]

RIM bumps down Nokia, now takes 3rd place

POSTED BY on Oct 29 under Mobile & Web News

There was a time that RIM has fallen from the first position that it held few years ago. Anyways, RIM is trying to comeback with its BlackBerry 10, a new platform and new devices supporting it and what we have seen so far, they look promising. The International Data Corporation has released its Q3 report [...]

Samsung, Sony and Nokia forming an alliance to deliver indoor mapping

POSTED BY on Aug 23 under Mobile & Web News

Samsung, Sony Mobile and Nokia have teamed up to form the In-Location Alliance aiming to provide indoor mapping services. The Alliance include twenty two major technology companies, such as Qualcomm, Nordic Group and Broadcom, and is set on providing low power consumption, implementability, high accuracy, usability and mobility. The service will operate over Bluetooth 4.0 [...]

The Nexus 7 tablet violating Nokia’s WiFi patent

POSTED BY on Jul 2 under Mobile & Web News

Presented last week, Google Nexus 7 is running on Android Jelly Bean, with a quad-core processor that will come for a price of £159 SIM free. It turns out that it is violating Nokia’s IEEE 802.11 WiFi standard. As Nokia stated, neither Asus nor Google have requested to license the patent. Nokia has over 40 [...]

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