Galaxy SIV to feature NFC support

POSTED BY on Mar 12 under Mobile & Web News

There are rumors that the iPhone 5S will include NFC technology to catch up with the rival Android devices, who are using it for quite some time now. Latest rumors are suggesting that the Galaxy SIV will follow in the footsteps of its predecessor the Galaxy SIII. A leaked image of the battery of the [...]

NFC and QR Codes to access hotel deals

POSTED BY on Mar 12 under QR Codes

The US largest mall digital network is to install NFC technology and QR Codes into 140 of their malls. The Adspace Digital Mall Network is using Blue Bite mTag platform on their screens to include advertising that will encourage users to scan or tap the QR Code on the mTag placard on the side panel [...]

TapToLogin platfrom revealed by RD2Buzz

POSTED BY on Mar 6 under Mobile & Web News

TapToLogin has revealed a new system that incorporates digital identity recognition for e-commerce websites and social networks. The platform can read electronic documents, such as NFC tags or e-passports and can authenticate access by using them. The system will be able to store proof of access as cryptographic hash functionality. The beta version of the [...]

Coles supermarket chain and MasterCard to trial a mobile payments app

POSTED BY on Feb 22 under Mobile & Web News

The Australian supermarket chain Coles has revealed its partnership with MasterCard to offer its customers a mobile payments application allowing them to make NFC payments. The trial will run for 3 months with Coles stating that the application will be available to the public by the end of 2013. Coles MasterCard users will be able [...]

The Coffee Bean and Samsung placing NFC stickers in Singapore

POSTED BY on Feb 12 under Mobile & Web News

The Coffee Bean and Samsung have placed NFC stickers in all 50 outlets in Singapore. The campaign will run until 7th of March and will reward Samsung users with an up sized drink for tapping the NFC poster that is linked to the Coffee Bean Facebook page and like it after it pops up. For [...]

Sony’s Personal Content Station with an April release date

POSTED BY on Feb 7 under Mobile & Web News

At the CES 2013 Sony has announced its Personal Content Station that is using NFC technology to pair with Android devices. The device has been given an April release date and the expected price is around $300. The storage station will include a 1TB drive which is NFC compatible to enable simple and quick pairing [...]

Hyundai to incorporate NFC for keyless start to its vehicles

POSTED BY on Jan 10 under Mobile & Web News

Hyundai has announced that is planning to incorporate NFC to its vehicles in an innovative way. NFC technology could easily replace the need of a physical key in a form of a keyless start functions for vehicles. The driver must simply tap their mobile device to the car handle to unlock the door, the functionality [...]

Gemalto’s NFC mobile wallet to be deployed by Telecom Italia

POSTED BY on Nov 29 under Mobile & Web News

Gemalto has revealed that it will deploy its NFC mobile financial services platform by Telecom Italia, an Italian mobile operator with over 30 million users, for the launch of a mobile wallet. The system includes the LinqUs Management platform for the managing NFC apps and the LinqUs mobile platform for secure transactions. Gemalto’s solutions will [...]

In-taxi payment system by VeriFone in Poland

POSTED BY on Nov 12 under Mobile & Web News

VeriFone has announced its international taxi business growth with a contract to manage the payments services to Glob Taxi and its 500 vehicles in Poland. The company will provide Glob Taxi and its vehicles with a payment system that will enable passengers to pay with debit or credit cards, NFC and contactless wallets, as well [...]

University Católica of Murcia in Spain to roll out NFC

POSTED BY on Sep 20 under Mobile & Web News

The University Católica of Murcia in Spain is trialing NFC attendance, payments and physical access project. Vodafone, Banco Santander, Gemalto and Salto Systems are in a partnership with the local government to introduce the project. The project will be running for 8 months in the Santander’s Universities, where more than 20, 000 students and staff [...]

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