Sony announced an NFC portable speaker

POSTED BY on Aug 30 under Mobile & Web News

At the IFA in Berlin yesterday, Sony has announced an NFC enabled speaker that can connect with your phone to play directly from the device’s music library. NFC smartphone owners need to tap their mobile devices against the speaker to connect via Bluetooth which can stream music. When tapped again, the connection stops the music [...]

Australia’s Falls Creek ski resort to adopt NFC

POSTED BY on Aug 21 under Mobile & Web News

Australia’s Falls Creek ski resort is to be the first city in the country to connect via NFC, with the support of Australia’s NFC distributor NFC Wireless. Over fifty Falls Creek merchants have already added NFC tags to their store windows allowing customers to use their smartphone or tablet devices to launch a mobile optimized [...]

Alaska Airlines to install NFC boarding gate readers

POSTED BY on Aug 16 under Mobile & Web News

Alaska Airlines announced that it will install an NFC boarding gate readers, Access IS are supplying the terminals. Alaska Airlines are the first in North America that provided 2D barcodes technology for boarding access and is seeing the benefits of NFC technology based on the customers experience from ticketing and boarding the airplane to retail [...]

ABnote Australasia is partnering with GO-Trust Technology to provide NFC payments app

POSTED BY on Aug 15 under Mobile & Web News

ABnote is partnering with GO-Trust Technology to provide a new mobile NFC payments app. The mobile wallet application will allow users to choose from a number of stored credit cards on their smartphone to make NFC payments at POS. The GO-Trust SD card will act as a secure element for the transactions, while still supporting [...]

Austrian city turns into public library by using NFC chips and QR Codes

POSTED BY on Jul 10 under QR Codes

As strange as it may seem, the city of Klagenfurt in Austria, does not have a public library, although the city is hosting the German-Language Literature Festival. However, a new initiative called Project Ingeborg is turning the town into a library with over 70 NFC chip stickers and QR Codes Plastered all over the city, [...]

JPMorgan launched all in one terminal

POSTED BY on Jun 29 under Mobile & Web News

JPMorgan’s subsidiary, Chase Paymentech, has released its new all in one terminal for NFC, contactless and EMV (stands for Europay, MasterCard and VISA) payments, called “Future Proof”. The terminal is available in the bank’s 5,300 affiliate networks and on their website. The Future Proof is designed for a range of merchants and supports all kind [...]

Nokia to promote NFC technology in the United Arab Emirates

POSTED BY on Jun 25 under Mobile & Web News

Nokia announced a new campaign in the UAE that promotes NFC technology. The popularity of mobile advertising is growing in the area and more smartphones find their way into the hands of users. Nokia is working to establish itself overseas and hopes to get users in the UAE more informed with the way NFC works. [...]

Rumored NFC technology in the iPhone 5

POSTED BY on Jun 11 under Mobile & Web News

According to Orange, Apple is concerned about the fact that NFC technology may not meet expectations and there is a question about the company to implement NFC into the new iPhone 5. To be useful, the NFC needs to be adopted by majority of retail outlets and shops, as people can take advantage of the [...]

FujiFilm launched NFC-enabled printing booth

POSTED BY on Jun 8 under Mobile & Web News

FujiFilm in a partnership with Smartrac is to launch a photo printing booth with NFC technology in the UK. The booth will be placed in retail outlets, camera shops, pharmacies and supermarkets and will allow the customers to transfer photos from their NFC-enabled smartphone by waving it to the kiosk. The phone will connect to [...]

NFC payments up to £20 in the UK

POSTED BY on Jun 4 under Mobile & Web News

From 1st of June the amount that people can pay using NFC technology has increased. Customers with contactless smartphones and cards with NFC will be able to pay up to £20 using NFC terminals and POS, as the previous limit was £15. The increase will bring the UK close to the eurozone line, where users [...]

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