Sony’s quarter profits are no longer looking bad

POSTED BY on Feb 7 under Mobile & Web News

It has been a few bad years for Sony, with a business structure that was not working efficiently and slow sales getting in their way. But things are beginning to brighten up in the third quarter report. The company is reporting an operating revenue of $535 million, up from a billion operating loss. Sony still [...]

China video site Youku with QR Codes to every video

POSTED BY on Feb 6 under QR Codes

Youku, China’s top video website has included QR Codes to every video on its desktop site so users could continue viewing on smartphone or tablet. Every Youku video page has a QR icon which when pressed will present a QR Code. Scanning the code with a smartphone or tablet will instantly launch the same video [...]

Mobile web traffic jumps with 84% in December 2012

POSTED BY on Jan 9 under Mobile & Web News

23% of the total web traffic is coming from mobile devices in December 2012, according to a recent report by Walker Sands marketing and PR agency. Mobile devices traffic has grown with 84% from December 2011 to the same period last year. Additionally, mobile traffic has grown from 6% of all website traffic in January [...]

Sony announced that it will release а PlayStation Mobile

POSTED BY on Aug 16 under Mobile & Web News

Sony’s gaming service platform, PlayStation, will be available on Android and Vita. At the Gamescom in Germany, Sony stated that it will release PlayStation Mobile this fall in over thirty countries including Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Japan, US, UK, Spain and Australia. Sony Computer Entertainment is planning small sized games which will play on the [...]

QR Codes in P.E. Class

POSTED BY on May 3 under Mobile & Web News, QR Codes

In Virginia, the Chesterbrook Elementary school placed QR Codes throughout a quarter-mile path along the playground as a way to make exercise fun. At the beginning of the P.E. Class the kids are given iPods and iPads which they use to scan the codes and are directed to videos that shows them how to do [...]

Shadow QR code increases sales by 25%

POSTED BY on May 2 under Mobile & Web News, QR Codes

Emart, South Korea’s largest retailer launched an interesting campaign including QR Codes, that is scannable only between 12 am and 1 pm when the sun is in position to form the right shape shadow. The codes are created with 3D displays and placed in several locations in Seoul. When the sun is in the right [...]

Guinness QR Coded Cup

POSTED BY on May 2 under Mobile & Web News, QR Codes

BBDO, an advertising agency based in New York started a campaign by creating a QR Coded cup, that is designed to work only if it’s full of Guinness, pilsner or lager will not do. When the glass is full of Guinness, the code is activated. The user scans the code and is directed to a [...]

The Royal Dutch Mint to include QR Code to the new banknotes

POSTED BY on Apr 25 under Mobile & Web News, QR Codes

In 2011 the Royal Dutch Mint produced QR Coded coins and now they announced who is going to be the designer of Sweden’s new banknotes. Göran Österlund, a graphic designer and an engraver, designed the new banknotes including a QR Code, but the central bank of Sweden pointed that they are neither appropriate nor practical [...]

Android alarm app to help you get out of bed

POSTED BY on Apr 25 under QR Codes

These days many people find it hard to wake up in the morning, but a new application for Android that uses QR Codes or any barcode in the house, will make the owner to get up and scan the code in order to shut off the alarm. Nowadays it is normal to hear that even [...]

QR codes to find your belongings

POSTED BY on Apr 24 under Mobile & Web News

Sometimes it is hard to return something of a real value to someone, just because you can’t find the owner or if you find him, how can you know he’s the real owner. That’s what FoundIt! is all about. The company is offering durable labels and stickers that you can attach to things you own, [...]

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