QR codes to find your belongings

POSTED BY on Apr 24 under Mobile & Web News

Sometimes it is hard to return something of a real value to someone, just because you can’t find the owner or if you find him, how can you know he’s the real owner. That’s what FoundIt! is all about. The company is offering durable labels and stickers that you can attach to things you own, [...]

Company is offering QR codes for their tombstones

POSTED BY on Apr 19 under Mobile & Web News

As the memorial business hasn’t changed in years and the QR codes technology is really new, according to Randy Allen, the owner of Allen Monument Company, this is a great way to preserve and share the stories of the loved ones’ lives. Allen started offering the QR codes a few months ago and now he’s [...]

Cloud-based technology and QR codes helps you find your bicycle

POSTED BY on Apr 18 under Mobile & Web News

In Victoria, Australia, the police gave their approval to MyBikeRego, a new cloud-based technology that will help the retrieval of stolen bicycles. The membership fee is $30 AUD a year and provides the customers three QR codes that can be stuck to the bicycle. Each QR code is unique for every customer and it’s linked [...]

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