Gemalto’s NFC mobile wallet to be deployed by Telecom Italia

POSTED BY on Nov 29 under Mobile & Web News

Gemalto has revealed that it will deploy its NFC mobile financial services platform by Telecom Italia, an Italian mobile operator with over 30 million users, for the launch of a mobile wallet. The system includes the LinqUs Management platform for the managing NFC apps and the LinqUs mobile platform for secure transactions. Gemalto’s solutions will [...]

Isis to be released in October 22

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Isis Wallet will go live in just a few weeks, Android Central has reported. According to the leaked document, customers in Austin and Salt Lake City will be allowed to use Isis’ services beginning October 22 on selected devices. Even though there is still no list of supported devices, Isis has a long list of [...]

Atos announced an NFC mobile wallet

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Atos Worldwide has announced its new MasterCard and Visa NFC mobile wallet. Implementing the latest MasterCard, SIM Alliance, AFSCM and Visa specifications the wallet will include cloud and NFC payments and transaction services and will be available to card providers around the world. The platform will include a Mobile Gateway that will enable direct integration [...]

Device Fidelity updating Moneto mobile wallet

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Device Fidelity had announced that it will update its mobile wallet, Moneto, and will include a few new features. A new application, called Money Move will allow Android and iOS Moneto users to transfer money to each other free of charge. The mocroSD card for Android now will come with 4GB extra storage and will [...]

American Express announced partnership with Isis Mobile Wallet service

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American Express in a partnership with Isis Mobile Wallet service announced that the US cardholders will soon be able to shop and make payments using their smartphones. Isis is a T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T joint venture, that uses NFC technology for easy and quick payments via NFC enabled smartphones. The Isis users can take advantage [...]