WePay expands its mobile services to iOS

POSTED BY on Feb 28 under Mobile & Web News

WePay online payment service is expanding with the release of a native application for iOS that will allow businesses to charge credit cards. The startup was originally backed by Y Combinator and formed to make it easier for businesses to make payments and collect money, WePay however has become a more simple platform for managing [...]

PicPay launched a QR Code mobile payment service

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PicPay, a Brazilian startup has reveled a QR Code mobile payment service. Users can scan a QR Code with their smartphone or tablet to make a purchase. First they must download the application and save their debit or credit card information. PicPay application is available for iOS and Android but only in Portuguese. The QR [...]

Gemalto’s NFC mobile wallet to be deployed by Telecom Italia

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Gemalto has revealed that it will deploy its NFC mobile financial services platform by Telecom Italia, an Italian mobile operator with over 30 million users, for the launch of a mobile wallet. The system includes the LinqUs Management platform for the managing NFC apps and the LinqUs mobile platform for secure transactions. Gemalto’s solutions will [...]

Czech Komercni Bank launched QR Codes for mobile payments

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Komercni Bank in the Czech Republic has launched QR Codes that will allow their users to make mobile payments, and will also be the first in Eastern Europe. The service will be the first that is fully compatible with Windows 8 devices. The QR Codes will allow users to scan the image to confirm and [...]

Starbucks to begin accepting Square mobile payments

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Starbucks announced that it will be accepting Square mobile payments in all of its US locations. The acceptance of the Square mobile wallet will improve the user experience for the Starbucks customers. The Square/ Starbucks partnership will see over 6,500 Starbucks locations that will accept mobile payments via the Square Wallet application, which will enable [...]

Isis delayed until further notice

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The joint venture between T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon, Isis, will not be rolling out its trial as scheduled for the end of the summer. Isis has announced that it delay the trials, planned to start in September in Utah, Austin and Salt Lake City. Isis is attempting to launch a platform of mobile payments that [...]

MCX joint venture to develop a mobile payment application

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US merchants have formed a company that will allow customers to make payments and receive rewards by using their smartphones. The joint venture is named Merchant Customer Exchange and it is currently creating a mobile app that will integrate customer offers, retail projects and promotions from the participating retailers. According to MCX the app will [...]