Microsoft seeks ban over Google Maps in Germany

POSTED BY on Mar 11 under Mobile & Web News

If you live in Germany and you rely on Google Maps, you probably might want to start looking for an alternative, as Microsoft is very close at getting a ban against the mapping application. A FOSS Patents report is revealing that it is likely that Microsoft will be obtaining a ban against Google Maps after [...]

Microsoft updates 13 million sq km of Bing Maps

POSTED BY on Mar 1 under Mobile & Web News

Microsoft has revealed that it has updated 13 million sq km of its Bing Maps imagery. With the update, the imagery is comprised of 15 meters per pixel, giving the images high resolution look. Users are now able to zoom in to the imagery up to 13 times, at which point further zooming will show [...]

Dell goes private, Microsoft invests $2 billion

POSTED BY on Feb 5 under Mobile & Web News

As reported earlier, Microsoft might have been discussing an investment from $1 to $3 billion in a bid to take ownership over Dell. Just moments after the report, Dell has made an announcement that is has signed a merger agreement that will give the company back to Michael Dell. Dell’s shareholders will receive $13.6 in [...]

Windows Phone sales have increased to 4 times

POSTED BY on Nov 29 under Mobile & Web News

Windows Phone sales have seen rise to 4 times compared to 2011. Steve Ballmer has announced that the increase is due to the new Windows Phone 8 features, the improved screens and the powerful handsets overall. For its several weeks on sale, the Windows Phone is doing very well. Nokia and HTC’s handsets are getting [...]

Cyber Monday was the biggest shopping day in history

POSTED BY on Nov 28 under Mobile & Web News

On Black Friday Microsoft managed to sell over 700,000 Xbox 360 consoles in the United States, and Apple was selling 11 iPads an hour, Cyber Monday was the biggest shopping day ever. A report from IBM shows that shoppers made Cyber Monday the biggest shopping day with increase in online sales with 30% compared to [...]

Microsoft sued over lack of storage in their Surface tablet

POSTED BY on Nov 15 under Mobile & Web News

Andrew Sokolowski, a Los Angeles lawyer, is suing Microsoft over lack of storage in their Surface tablet. He states that the tablet does not have all the storage space that Microsoft advertized. Sokolowski bought a 32 GB tablet a few days ago and soon found out that his new Surface quickly ran out of space [...]

Google’s market share dropped in the UK

POSTED BY on Nov 7 under Mobile & Web News

Latest search engine report is showing that 89% of all United Kingdom internet searches were conducted on Google websites. This is the first time in 5 years that Google dropped under 90% market share. As Google’s market share drops, Microsoft, Ask and Yahoo! have a positive month. Microsoft’s Bing search engine increased its market share [...]

A new service is using QR Codes to tag and share your documents

POSTED BY on Oct 17 under QR Codes

The formats and technology that people use to create documents have evolved over the years, but most of them are shared via email or on paper. The TagMyDoc service, a Montreal company, is free and includes a QR Code to any presentation or document, allowing users to get a copy by scanning the code with [...]

Microsoft and Boingo to provide free WiFi in San Francisco and New York

POSTED BY on Oct 10 under Mobile & Web News

If you are a resident or if you are visiting San Francisco or New York, you will be glad to hear that Microsoft is teaming up with Boingo to provide free WiFi. The project is a part of the Windows 8 marketing campaign. Boingo’s WiFi is sponsored by Microsoft and will provide free WiFi hotspots [...]

Huawei is working on its own OS

POSTED BY on Sep 25 under Mobile & Web News

Huawei has announced that they are developing their own mobile OS, in case they separate with Microsoft or Google. Huawei is hoping to be able to compete with Mozilla’s Firefox OS, which ZTE is already planning to include in Q1 2013. The company stated that they are devoting resources into creating a new OS based [...]

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