MasterCard announced MasterPass

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It looks like Visa is not the only credit card company to make an announcement during the MWC, as MasterCard has also revealed some mobile payments news. MasterCard is revealing its MasterPass mobile payments service which allows users to scan barcodes of products they want to buy. MasterPass is not a standalone app, instead its [...]

Coles supermarket chain and MasterCard to trial a mobile payments app

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The Australian supermarket chain Coles has revealed its partnership with MasterCard to offer its customers a mobile payments application allowing them to make NFC payments. The trial will run for 3 months with Coles stating that the application will be available to the public by the end of 2013. Coles MasterCard users will be able [...]

Atos announced an NFC mobile wallet

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Atos Worldwide has announced its new MasterCard and Visa NFC mobile wallet. Implementing the latest MasterCard, SIM Alliance, AFSCM and Visa specifications the wallet will include cloud and NFC payments and transaction services and will be available to card providers around the world. The platform will include a Mobile Gateway that will enable direct integration [...]

Google is dropping the Google Prepaid Card

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Google has revealed that from the 17th of October their Prepaid Card on Google Wallet will no longer exist. Google added that since the company is now supporting all credit and debit cards form MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Visa, the Wallet does not need a prepaid card to make transactions. From 17th of September, [...]

Oberthur and Wespac to provide NFC payments in Australia

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The Australian bank Westpac and Oberthur Technologies announced that its TSM platform has been adopted by the bank after the success of the NFC trial. Westpac is using Oberthur’s platform and will be able to launch secured personalized MasterCard credit/debit cards to the SIM of the participants in the project. When the card is issued, [...]

Banamex Mexico to roll out NFC payments platform

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Banamex Bank Mexico is beginning to roll out a contactless payment project, which will include over 10,000 contactless POS terminals and about a million credit and debit cards that will be deployed by the end of 2012 in Mexico City. Mexico’s second largest bank is rolling out POS terminals to 2,000 merchants and providing over [...]

G&D to launch NFC payments on Taipei Metro and buses

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Cathay United Bank in Taiwan has revealed a partnership with G&D to rollout an NFC payments project on the Taipei Metro and bus network. The project is using NFC SWP microSD cards from Giesecke & Devrient Flash Solutions, which bank users can pop into their smartphones, so they can make contactless payments in shops of [...]

JPMorgan launched all in one terminal

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JPMorgan’s subsidiary, Chase Paymentech, has released its new all in one terminal for NFC, contactless and EMV (stands for Europay, MasterCard and VISA) payments, called “Future Proof”. The terminal is available in the bank’s 5,300 affiliate networks and on their website. The Future Proof is designed for a range of merchants and supports all kind [...]

Cellum Hungary to launch MasterCard Mobile payment application

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Cellum Hungary is in a partnership with FHB, Telenor, MasterCard and T-Mobile to launch a MasterCard Mobile payment application. The remote application has the ability to turn smartphones into digital wallets, so the user will be able to make donations and payments via QR Codes. The system was launched in 2011 and nearly 20,000 users [...]