TomTom launched an iPhone Taxi app

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To find a taxi in New York is not that difficult if you know where taxis usually congregate and travel, but for people from out of town it could be very frustrating experience and mobile apps may be even more important in big cities. TomTom has announced a new service back in September 2012 in [...]

Apple’s iPhone became the most used mobile device for internet activity

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Apple’s iPhone overtakes Nokia’s handsets and has become the most used mobile device for online activity. In January Nokia drops the first place, as Apple’s iPhone make up the majority of internet activity. The iPhone’s internet activity is on the rise in January, but it is falling compared to a year earlier. In 2012 the [...]

QR Code memorial for Steve Jobs pop up in St. Petersburg

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Over a year since Steve Jobs passed away people are making trips to the Apple Stores in order to show condolences. Memorials for Steve Jobs are popping up everywhere and the latest is placed in St. Petersburg. A 6 ft tall interactive memorial shaped like Apple’s latest iPhone is used to display videos, photos, speeches [...]

Device Fidelity updating Moneto mobile wallet

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Device Fidelity had announced that it will update its mobile wallet, Moneto, and will include a few new features. A new application, called Money Move will allow Android and iOS Moneto users to transfer money to each other free of charge. The mocroSD card for Android now will come with 4GB extra storage and will [...]

Walmart is testing a self checkout platform

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Walmart has started testing a new checkout platform that uses an iPhone to pay for purchases. The project is taking place in Arkansas and it will allow customers to scan their purchases using an iPhone and pay for the items without meeting a cashier. Customers bag their items and are required to stop by a [...]

Regent Street in London has its own application

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A new lifestyle and shopping application has been launched for Regent Street in London. The application is available for iPhone only and shares information about Regent Street’s cafes, bars, retailers and other useful information for customers. Regent Street is famous with his 60 stores, over 30 restaurants and 15 cafes. The app is strengthening Regent [...]

Apple’s latest commercials alienated almost everyone

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Apple’s latest commercials have managed to alienate almost everyone by portraying its customers as people who can’t do anything without help from one of Apple’s geniuses and showing its users buying whatever they are told to. Generally, Apple’s marketing campaigns are the best in the world, but the company always had troubles in portraying their [...]

HTC filled a lawsuit against Apple

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For years, the tech industry has been haunted by lawsuits and now HTC is adding one more to the never ending list. HTC has filled a suit against Apple in Florida alleging for patent infringement. HTC has refused to elaborate, as the case is already in formal litigation stage. In statement to a Taiwanese newspaper  [...]

Nokia cuts 10,000 jobs, sells Vertu

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Nokia has announced major changes in its business, including 10,000 job cuts and management reorganization. In over a year, Nokia cut its earnings outlook by three times. Nokia was damaged by the competition both from Android devices and from Apple’s iPhone. The operating loss at Nokia’s main devices will be larger than expected earlier. The [...]

Windows to overtake iOS to become second after Android

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A new report from IDC is forecasting that by 2016 Windows Phone is to overtake Apple’s iOS and so to become the second operating system running smartphones behind Android, that will keep its leadership. The iPhone growth will slowly moderate over the next 5 years, because the device will flood the marketplace. During the period, [...]