Nokia beats Samsung and Apple in Finland

POSTED BY on Feb 4 under Mobile & Web News

Nokia’s new line of Windows Phone devices has been doing very well and they have actually beaten the Samsung’s Galaxy S3 and Apple’s iPhone 5 or at least in its homeland. Latest rankings for Elisa and DNA carriers are showing that Nokia manages to holds its own. However it is not the Lumia devices that [...]

QR Code memorial for Steve Jobs pop up in St. Petersburg

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Over a year since Steve Jobs passed away people are making trips to the Apple Stores in order to show condolences. Memorials for Steve Jobs are popping up everywhere and the latest is placed in St. Petersburg. A 6 ft tall interactive memorial shaped like Apple’s latest iPhone is used to display videos, photos, speeches [...]

Apple wants Samsung to withdrawal its US requests

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Last year, Samsung wanted to ban Apple‘s iPhone 5 in Europe, but have changed their mind and withdraw all of their requests for a injunction on Apple devices at a later date. Anyway, this is obviously only for Europe, meaning that Samsung’s lawsuits are pending in the US and Apple is apparently not happy about [...]

The Galaxy SIII is the best selling smartphone in Q3

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The Galaxy SIII, Samsung’s flagship device, is the best selling smartphone in Q3 2012. According to a research from Strategy Analytics, Samsung sold over 18 million units of the handset during quarter three, compared to 16 million iPhone sales. The numbers are showing that the Galaxy SIII is the world’s best selling phone right now. [...]

The iPhone 5 in production, sources are stating

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Reports have suggested that the new iPhone is in production in China, but rather than being build by Foxconn, it appears that Apple are turning to Pegatron. Taiwanese sources stated that production has begin in Shanghai’s factory of Pegatron and the manufacturer is hoping that the success of the new iPhone will make up the [...]

Rumored NFC technology in the iPhone 5

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According to Orange, Apple is concerned about the fact that NFC technology may not meet expectations and there is a question about the company to implement NFC into the new iPhone 5. To be useful, the NFC needs to be adopted by majority of retail outlets and shops, as people can take advantage of the [...]