Tablets to overtake PC shipments by the end of the year

POSTED BY on Feb 19 under Mobile & Web News

Tablet shipments are below PC sales but a report is forecasting that they will surpass PCs by the end of the year. Tablet shipments are about 60 million range, while PC sales are in the 80 million per quarter. According to the analysts, the tablet marketplace is very similar to the smartphone market – iOS [...]

Cyber Monday was the biggest shopping day in history

POSTED BY on Nov 28 under Mobile & Web News

On Black Friday Microsoft managed to sell over 700,000 Xbox 360 consoles in the United States, and Apple was selling 11 iPads an hour, Cyber Monday was the biggest shopping day ever. A report from IBM shows that shoppers made Cyber Monday the biggest shopping day with increase in online sales with 30% compared to [...]

Apple’s iPad market share is declining

POSTED BY on Nov 28 under Mobile & Web News

A recent report has shown that iOS is reigning the smartphone marketplace, which is largely due to the iPhone 5′s recent release, even though the iPad did help a lot too. Anyway, in the latest ABI report, the iPad did not seem to contribute that much. The report shows that in Q3 2012 the iPad [...]

The UK Court is not pleased with Apple’s apology

POSTED BY on Nov 1 under Mobile & Web News

Last week Apple posted in its official page the apology that the UK Court ordered back in July. The statement was supposed to read that Samsung did not copy Apple’s iPad, instead it sounds disinterested and it seems that Apple is apologizing without meaning it. Somehow the court felt it and is reprimanding Apple for [...]

Scheels installed an ArmorActive iPad kiosk to provide AR to its customers

POSTED BY on Oct 31 under Mobile & Web News

Sporting retailer Scheels installed an ArmorActive kisok in its Utah store, providing users an augmented reality experience. The kiosk consists an ArmorActive iPad stand and hand held green screens. Customers can choose from a selection of digital props that fill the green screen after the images are taken in front of the backdrop. The image [...]

Apple to ship 4 million iPad Mini units monthly

POSTED BY on Aug 21 under Mobile & Web News

The smaller version of the iPad – iPad Mini, as analysts claim that it will invade on the Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire’s territories, rumor has it that the device is to launch in October and that manufacturers will boost the production in September to 4 million units per month. This is necessary, so [...]

Apple’s latest commercials alienated almost everyone

POSTED BY on Jul 30 under Mobile & Web News

Apple’s latest commercials have managed to alienate almost everyone by portraying its customers as people who can’t do anything without help from one of Apple’s geniuses and showing its users buying whatever they are told to. Generally, Apple’s marketing campaigns are the best in the world, but the company always had troubles in portraying their [...]

The German court is extending its Samsung Galaxy Tab ban on the EU

POSTED BY on Jul 26 under Mobile & Web News

The German court has ruled that will extend its Galaxy Tab ban on the EU. This comes despite the fact that some countries do not think that Samsung is infringing iPad patents or copying the device and see all those cases as a trick, so Apple does not have to compete with Samsung. The odd [...]

Apple to launch a smaller iPad

POSTED BY on Jul 16 under Mobile & Web News

The New York Times has stated that Apple will launch a smaller iPad, as the rivals are attempting to eat away its market share with smaller devices and lower prices. The rumored iPad will supposedly have a 7.8 inch screen and it’s price will be less than the $500 iPad, which has a 9.7 Retina [...]

Samsung’s request for lifting the ban on the Galaxy Tab in the US was denied

POSTED BY on Jul 10 under Mobile & Web News

Last week, the US District Judge has rejected Samsung’s request to lift the injunction on the Galaxy Tab tablets, but that was not the last hope to get the ban lifted. US Court in Washington has jurisdiction over intellectual property, so Samsung has sent an appeal. Yesterday, the Washington Court has denied Samsung’s requests and [...]

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