WePay expands its mobile services to iOS

POSTED BY on Feb 28 under Mobile & Web News

WePay online payment service is expanding with the release of a native application for iOS that will allow businesses to charge credit cards. The startup was originally backed by Y Combinator and formed to make it easier for businesses to make payments and collect money, WePay however has become a more simple platform for managing [...]

Android overtakes iOS in the US again

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Android is back on the top position as the best selling operating system in the US. Apple’s iOS lead the market share with 53.3% for 3 months until October last year, when Apple and Android devices were at almost the same price. Not from October 2012 to January this year though, quite the opposite – [...]

Mobile web traffic jumps with 84% in December 2012

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23% of the total web traffic is coming from mobile devices in December 2012, according to a recent report by Walker Sands marketing and PR agency. Mobile devices traffic has grown with 84% from December 2011 to the same period last year. Additionally, mobile traffic has grown from 6% of all website traffic in January [...]

TomTom navigation is now available for Android devices

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TomTom has officially landed in the Google Play Store, after it was announced at the IFA in September. The application will cost the same as in the Apple App store, even though it is $10 cheaper right now, which means that users can get it for $49.99 – an introductory price, so you better be [...]

QR Codes providing real time bus arrival data in Pennsylvania

POSTED BY on Aug 23 under QR Codes

Pennsylvania’s Center Area Transportation Authority announced that it will include QR Codes on the bus stops. Commuters will be able to use the codes, added to the signage at the busiest routes. When the code is scanned it will provide real time bus arrival information. As the provided data is always up to date, it [...]

Marmite with an AR experience

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UK’s most hated/loved (that depends on who you are speaking to) yeast extract has teamed up with Blippar. This partnership will see Blippar pulling digital information from Marmite’s label, which is created to provide users access to recipes (with Marmite, naturally…) by pointing their Android/iOS devices at the jar of the product. The augmented realty [...]

Android with 51% market share in the US

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ComScore have shown their report for July, which is showing that Android OS holds a 52% of the US market share, which is a little increase over June. As for iOS platform, it reveals 32% , which is an increase at a healthy rate with 1.7%, at the expense of others, presumably. RIM takes the [...]

Windows to overtake iOS to become second after Android

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A new report from IDC is forecasting that by 2016 Windows Phone is to overtake Apple’s iOS and so to become the second operating system running smartphones behind Android, that will keep its leadership. The iPhone growth will slowly moderate over the next 5 years, because the device will flood the marketplace. During the period, [...]

Google buys Quickoffice

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Yesterday Google announced that it had bought Quickoffice, a mobile application that allows users on iOS and Android platforms to work with Microsoft office. However details of the deal are not made public yet. Businesses, schools and customers will use Google Apps to work from anywhere, with any device and with anyone. Google declares that [...]

Yahoo! launches web browser for iOS

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Yahoo! launched a compact browser and search tool called Axis for the iPhone and iPad market. The company plans to launch Axis for Android and Windows RT in the future, but has no plans on supporting BlackBerry. Yahoo! intends to release a plugin that will implement the search details with Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer [...]