RIM, Apple, Motorola and other companies sued for wireless related patent violation

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And just as we thought that the lawsuits are over, it looks like RIM, Motorola, Apple and a number of other companies which include US telecoms have been surprised with a massive case and will be sued over patent violation of wireless related patent owned by Steelhead Licensing. The patent is related to a process [...]

Apple’s market share reached 18.5% in the US

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After the report several weeks ago that showed that iOS’ market share has overtaken Android in the US, now a report from comScore is revealing that Apple‘s share has increased to 18.5% in November 2012. This is a 1.4% increase from August when their share was 17.1%. Not surprisingly, Samsung is reigning on the top [...]

US court found Apple’s iPhone on infringing three MobileMedia’s patents

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The US court has found Apple’s iPhone on infringing three MobileMedia’s patents, a company based in Maryland. MobileMedia is an essentially patent-holding firm and its patents are displayed on their site, have sued Apple in 2010, stating that the company has infringed around 20 of its patents. The latest ruling has found the iPhone to [...]

Windows Phone sales have increased to 4 times

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Windows Phone sales have seen rise to 4 times compared to 2011. Steve Ballmer has announced that the increase is due to the new Windows Phone 8 features, the improved screens and the powerful handsets overall. For its several weeks on sale, the Windows Phone is doing very well. Nokia and HTC’s handsets are getting [...]

Sony reaches third place in the global smartphone rankings

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Sony has jumped 3 places in the global smartphone rankings and it is now on the 3rd place right behind Apple and Samsung. In 2011 Sony was on 6th place, which was quite unimpressive, but since the company has overtaken HTC, Nokia and RIM. However, the rise of Sony may have more to do with [...]

ABnote Australasia is partnering with GO-Trust Technology to provide NFC payments app

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ABnote is partnering with GO-Trust Technology to provide a new mobile NFC payments app. The mobile wallet application will allow users to choose from a number of stored credit cards on their smartphone to make NFC payments at POS. The GO-Trust SD card will act as a secure element for the transactions, while still supporting [...]

HTC filled a lawsuit against Apple

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For years, the tech industry has been haunted by lawsuits and now HTC is adding one more to the never ending list. HTC has filled a suit against Apple in Florida alleging for patent infringement. HTC has refused to elaborate, as the case is already in formal litigation stage. In statement to a Taiwanese newspaper  [...]

NFC wireless headphones designed for smartphone users

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The Parrot Zik headphones are designed especially for smartphone users and are one very cool technology. The headphones have an NFC chip implemented, jawbone sensor and swipe touch controls. A DSP effect named “The Concert Hall”, presence sensor and an active noise canceling, the Zik headphones are definitely innovative. These are the first headphones that [...]

Apple has been denied the request of an emergency ban on HTC

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Apple has been denied the request of an emergency ban on HTC handsets, so the Taiwanese company can continue shipping its smartphones into the US. In May, Apple won an injunction against HTC Evo 4G LTE and the HTC One X and saw the handsets restrained in the US market. HTC, however proved that their [...]