TomTom navigation is now available for Android devices

POSTED BY on Oct 5 under Mobile & Web News

TomTom has officially landed in the Google Play Store, after it was announced at the IFA in September. The application will cost the same as in the Apple App store, even though it is $10 cheaper right now, which means that users can get it for $49.99 – an introductory price, so you better be [...]

Huawei is working on its own OS

POSTED BY on Sep 25 under Mobile & Web News

Huawei has announced that they are developing their own mobile OS, in case they separate with Microsoft or Google. Huawei is hoping to be able to compete with Mozilla’s Firefox OS, which ZTE is already planning to include in Q1 2013. The company stated that they are devoting resources into creating a new OS based [...]

Google is dropping the Google Prepaid Card

POSTED BY on Sep 12 under Mobile & Web News

Google has revealed that from the 17th of October their Prepaid Card on Google Wallet will no longer exist. Google added that since the company is now supporting all credit and debit cards form MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Visa, the Wallet does not need a prepaid card to make transactions. From 17th of September, [...]

Google added an additional 13 languages to Google Voice Search

POSTED BY on Aug 17 under Mobile & Web News

If English is not your maternal language or if you have an accent that Google‘s Voice Search does not seem to be able to understand, would might be pleased to learn that Google has updated their Voice Search on Android. Google has added an additional 13 languages, which will bring the total amount of supported [...]

Gingerbread is still the dominant Android OS

POSTED BY on Aug 2 under Mobile & Web News

Android Gingerbread is the predecessor of the Ice Cream Sandwich OS, but it seems that it remains the dominant Android operating system, according to Google Play store statistics. Gingerbread is currently holding 60% of the Android devices that have been accessing the Google Play, ICS is second with 16%, Froyo comes third at 15.5%, down [...]

ZTE announced the first Jelly Bean smartphone

POSTED BY on Jul 23 under Mobile & Web News

ZTE announced the first smartphone that runs on Android Jelly Bean, the ZTE N00OE. The device is to launch exclusively in China, it will come with 4 inch 480×800 touchscreen, 1GHz Qualcomm processor and it will run on Google’s latest Android OS. The smartphone also features 3.2MP rear-facing camera, WiFi and Bluetooth connection, 4GB internal [...]

Apple to launch a smaller iPad

POSTED BY on Jul 16 under Mobile & Web News

The New York Times has stated that Apple will launch a smaller iPad, as the rivals are attempting to eat away its market share with smaller devices and lower prices. The rumored iPad will supposedly have a 7.8 inch screen and it’s price will be less than the $500 iPad, which has a 9.7 Retina [...]

Apple has granted patent for “peripheral treatment for head-mounted displays”

POSTED BY on Jul 6 under Mobile & Web News

The most expected piece of technology of 2013 is certainly the Google Glass, which is Google’s chance in the AR space. However, Google is not the only technology giant that got its eye on the AR tech. Apple is also heading to the technology – the patent they granted for “peripheral treatment for head-mounted displays” [...]

The Nexus 7 tablet violating Nokia’s WiFi patent

POSTED BY on Jul 2 under Mobile & Web News

Presented last week, Google Nexus 7 is running on Android Jelly Bean, with a quad-core processor that will come for a price of £159 SIM free. It turns out that it is violating Nokia’s IEEE 802.11 WiFi standard. As Nokia stated, neither Asus nor Google have requested to license the patent. Nokia has over 40 [...]

Google + finally made is way to tablets

POSTED BY on Jun 28 under Mobile & Web News

So, if you are a G+ user and you would like Google to create an G+ application for tables, you are lucky, as at the I/O the company announced the Google + app for tablets. Google stated that the app is the best G+ version ever developed. The application is featuring more pictures and text [...]

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