Microsoft seeks ban over Google Maps in Germany

POSTED BY on Mar 11 under Mobile & Web News

If you live in Germany and you rely on Google Maps, you probably might want to start looking for an alternative, as Microsoft is very close at getting a ban against the mapping application. A FOSS Patents report is revealing that it is likely that Microsoft will be obtaining a ban against Google Maps after [...]

Google is worried that it has created a monster

POSTED BY on Feb 26 under Mobile & Web News

The constant threat that Apple is in the mobile marketplace, Google now has to worry even about its most successful partner – Samsung. Google is fearing that Samsung might use its massive power to demand bigger shares of Google’s ad profits. Google provides the Android software for free but it shares search profits with handset [...]

Qualcomm’s roadmap revealing possible Key Lime Pie announcement taken down

POSTED BY on Feb 4 under Mobile & Web News

Last week we reported on a Qualcomm roadmap revealing a possible Android Key Lime Pie announcement in the Spring, which coincides with the scheduled for May Google I/O. Qualcomm has been struggling to remove the traces of the leak across the web. The company has been sending copyright violation notifications for publishing the roadmap, which [...]

Apple’s App Store earning more money than Google Play

POSTED BY on Dec 21 under Mobile & Web News

A recent report by Disimo App Analytics has revealed that Apple’s App Store has grew with 21% in daily revenue and a 50% growth in an overall revenue, while Google Play has seen a tremendously in the past 4 months with a daily revenue up to 43% in 20 countries. The countries included China, Finland, [...]

Verizon blocks Google Wallet over SE requirements

POSTED BY on Dec 19 under Mobile & Web News

The battle between Verizon and Google is raging over the Google Wallet application with the Federal Communications Commission getting involved now. Verizon has blocked its support of Google Wallet since the application’s launch. The company’s irregular support of the Wallet app is probably a result of Verizon’s participation in the ISIS platform. A Federal Communications [...]

Australian police is warning tourists not to use Apple Maps to guide them

POSTED BY on Dec 10 under Mobile & Web News

Visitors of Australia have been warned not to rely and use Apple’s mapping application to guide them in some parts of the country. The Victoria police made the statement after several incidents where people got lost and could die from exposure or heat. Victoria Police inspector Clemence, stated that if it was a 45 degree [...]

Google includes QR Codes for airport check in

POSTED BY on Dec 10 under QR Codes

Google is continuing to improve its Google Now app to make it even more effective. With the Google Search new update, the app will be able to monitor the user’s email address for boarding passes and then bringing up QR Codes automatically for check in when a person arrives to the terminal – identical feature [...]

Acer Chromebook available for £200 from today

POSTED BY on Nov 13 under Mobile & Web News

Acer has launched C7 Google Chromebook for £200, which is a price undercutting Samsung’s device by £30. The laptop is powered by 1.1 Ghz Intel Celetron processor, 2GB DD3 RAM, it boots in less than 18 seconds and resumes almost instantly from sleep mode. The C7 has 11.6 inch HD display with 1366×768 resolution and [...]

Google’s market share dropped in the UK

POSTED BY on Nov 7 under Mobile & Web News

Latest search engine report is showing that 89% of all United Kingdom internet searches were conducted on Google websites. This is the first time in 5 years that Google dropped under 90% market share. As Google’s market share drops, Microsoft, Ask and Yahoo! have a positive month. Microsoft’s Bing search engine increased its market share [...]

Gmail is the most used e-mail service

POSTED BY on Nov 1 under Mobile & Web News

While Hotmail and Yahoo are still in use, it is not surprising that almost everyone has a Gmail address. After Google offered 1GB storage on launch, it made a huge difference among others in storage, compared to Hotmail and Yahoo, which probably helped Google to gain ground. ComScore is reporting that Gmail has proven to [...]

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