TapToLogin platfrom revealed by RD2Buzz

POSTED BY on Mar 6 under Mobile & Web News

TapToLogin has revealed a new system that incorporates digital identity recognition for e-commerce websites and social networks. The platform can read electronic documents, such as NFC tags or e-passports and can authenticate access by using them. The system will be able to store proof of access as cryptographic hash functionality. The beta version of the [...]

Krispy Kreme donuts with QR Code that allows you to send Valentine’s e-cards

POSTED BY on Feb 4 under QR Codes

Krispy Kreme donuts for Valentine’s day are heart shaped and are coming in a box of six with a QR Code that is linked to a mobile friendly website that allow users to send e-cards. The website also allows users to customize their Facebook Cover. In addition, the box of donuts contains six Valentine cards [...]

Facebook Phone not going to happen in the near future

POSTED BY on Jan 31 under Mobile & Web News

Facebook‘s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has denied officially the rumors around the Facebook smartphone. Those rumors have been circulating around for quite some time and are driving some traffic the to website anyway, but Zuckerberg states that this is not going to happen in the near future. Zuckerberg stated that the company is not going to [...]

Dita Von Teese is sewing QR Codes into her clothing line

POSTED BY on Jan 14 under QR Codes

Dita Von Teese is introducing QR Codes into her clothing line. The 10 dresses debuted in Australia in September 2012 and are featuring QR Codes linked to Dita Von Teese’s Twitter account where customers can get in touch with her, as she updates and manages the account personally. Von Teese explains that her company understands [...]

Apple’s App Store earning more money than Google Play

POSTED BY on Dec 21 under Mobile & Web News

A recent report by Disimo App Analytics has revealed that Apple’s App Store has grew with 21% in daily revenue and a 50% growth in an overall revenue, while Google Play has seen a tremendously in the past 4 months with a daily revenue up to 43% in 20 countries. The countries included China, Finland, [...]

WeChat with the ability to share digital ID via QR Codes

POSTED BY on Dec 18 under QR Codes

India’s top mobile app, WeChat, has announced a new application that will allow users to share digital ID via QR Codes. By scanning the QR Code the user’s ID, previously created online, it can be shared much easier, faster and convenient than exchanging names, phone numbers or email addresses. A simple scan will provide all [...]

Are you oversharing in social media?

POSTED BY on Dec 18 under Mobile & Web News

A recent report has revealed that many people are feeling guilty when providing too much information on social media websites. The report also shows that 1/3 of users over 18 years wish they had kept their personal, biographical details and photographs to themselves. Over ½ of the questioned stated that there are plenty of people [...]

Arizona’s attraction The Nest is personalizing the experience using RFID tracking

POSTED BY on Aug 29 under Mobile & Web News

Arizona’s attraction, The Nest is incorporating RFID tracking and social media integration this Halloween, which will allow visitors to experience fear like never before. The Nest is teaming up with Brightline Interactive Studio and Fish Technologies for the RFID tracking system integration, which will follow the visitors and will personalize the experience as they enter [...]

The Facebook phone rumor reappears

POSTED BY on May 29 under Mobile & Web News

Facebook is reportedly building a smartphone, as the next step in its mobile strategy. It is rumored that they are hiring engineers from Apple. Facebook is willing to release the phone by the end of the year and has picked up ex-Apple engineers who have been working on the iPad, as reported by NYT. The [...]

Facebook to buy the Opera Software?

POSTED BY on May 28 under Mobile & Web News

The UK tech website pocket-lint.com is reporting that Facebook might be considering to buy the Opera Software company for its Opera mobile browser. In the recent months Facebook has been buying a number of companies as a way to increase their presence in the smartphone world. The Opera web browser runs on various smartphones, tablets, [...]

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