QR Code on graduation cap

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QR Codes are found everywhere these days from cereal boxes to subway ads. Amanda Jonovski, a graphic designer major at Notre Dame, has decorated her graduation cap the night before the ceremony, placing a QR Code linked to her online portfolio which read “HIRE ME”. For Amanda, after adding her second-semester senior projects to her [...]

Canadian growers includes QR Codes on the packaging of their products

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Tender fruits growers in a Canadian province will include QR Codes in their packaging and so provide more information about the purchased products. The Marketing Board of Ontario Tender Fruit Producers announced a new mobile-friendly website accessible through QR Code or via URL. Growers are now able to use the QR Code on their packaging [...]

24% of Germans had used QR Codes

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SKOPOS, a market research firm, found in an online study that 24% of Germans recognize and had used QR Codes to get information without typing a web address. Still, QR Codes are not used very frequently with only 4% of Germans using them on a regular basis. Other study by 3GVision, shows that Germany is [...]

QR Codes in P.E. Class

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In Virginia, the Chesterbrook Elementary school placed QR Codes throughout a quarter-mile path along the playground as a way to make exercise fun. At the beginning of the P.E. Class the kids are given iPods and iPads which they use to scan the codes and are directed to videos that shows them how to do [...]

Guinness QR Coded Cup

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BBDO, an advertising agency based in New York started a campaign by creating a QR Coded cup, that is designed to work only if it’s full of Guinness, pilsner or lager will not do. When the glass is full of Guinness, the code is activated. The user scans the code and is directed to a [...]

Juan Miró Foundation includes QR Codes in an exhibition

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The Catalan Wikipedia collaborated with the Juan Miró Foundation to open an exhibition from October 2011 until March 2012. The project put QR Codes next to some of the artworks and linked the codes to Wikipedia articles. The QR Code identifies the phone language and presents the article in the user’s language. QRpedia allows the [...]

Thierry Mugler includes QR Codes on the new Womanity Eau Pour Elle

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Thierry Mugler will start a campaign within a month to promote the new Womanity Eau Pour Elle fragrance including QR Codes on the boxes and in the press. The codes are linked to a mobile website, available in three languages, the customers have to scan the QR Code on the box to visit m.edt.womanity.com to [...]

The Royal Dutch Mint to include QR Code to the new banknotes

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In 2011 the Royal Dutch Mint produced QR Coded coins and now they announced who is going to be the designer of Sweden’s new banknotes. Göran Österlund, a graphic designer and an engraver, designed the new banknotes including a QR Code, but the central bank of Sweden pointed that they are neither appropriate nor practical [...]

Company is offering QR codes for their tombstones

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As the memorial business hasn’t changed in years and the QR codes technology is really new, according to Randy Allen, the owner of Allen Monument Company, this is a great way to preserve and share the stories of the loved ones’ lives. Allen started offering the QR codes a few months ago and now he’s [...]

Easter custom qr code

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An Easter themed custom QR code – enjoy: