World’s largest QR Code formed by humans

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2,000 staff members of the Mission Hills Luxury Golf & Spa resort have formed a huge QR Code by carrying umbrellas in order to promote eco tourism. The Guinness World Records have recognized the golf resort as the largest in the world, with 12 eighteen hole fully operational courses. Last year the largest QR Code [...]

Foxconn investigated by Nintendo

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Last week, Foxconn admitted that one of their factories in China has been firing minors and as it turns out not many people have good images of the company, especially after all the problems that have surfaced recently from the factories that are manufacturing some of the world’s high profile products. And in case you [...]

Brick and mortar supermarkets using QR Codes in China

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Online shopping is more convenient and cheaper, this is why Yihaodian , a Chinese e-commerce company, decided to open physical stores without any products in them. The company will be launching thousand supermarkets across China that do not stock any products, but show images and a QR Code that can be used to buy the [...]

Shanghai’s authorities are placing RFID electronic licenses on 50,000 taxis

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The authorities in Shanghai, China, are placing RFID enabled licenses on each of its 50,000 taxis in order to protect both drivers and passengers from fake taxis. The RFID tag will be placed on the left side of the windshield and will provide information such as engine number, operating license details and plate number, as [...]

The iPhone 5 in production, sources are stating

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Reports have suggested that the new iPhone is in production in China, but rather than being build by Foxconn, it appears that Apple are turning to Pegatron. Taiwanese sources stated that production has begin in Shanghai’s factory of Pegatron and the manufacturer is hoping that the success of the new iPhone will make up the [...]

Another Chinese company is suing Apple

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Apple is a target of another lawsuit in China, this time because of Siri. The Shanghai company Zhi Zhen Internet Technology is stating that Apple is violating its patent that involves its personal assistant. Zhi Zhen Internet Technology has developed a software named “Xiao i Robot” which can answer questions, holding a conversation and is [...]