Lindt with mobile marketing campaign

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The Switzerland chocolatier, Lindt, announced that are launching a marketing campaign, as the company has recognized that mobile marketing is one of the most important channels for communicating and influencing customer’s decisions. Lindt intends to use different marketing techniques to boost their sales and is hoping that its efforts will help to reach with the [...]

Wendy’s with a QR Code campaign

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To help drive awareness of Wendy’s sweepstakes promotion, the company has placed QR Codes on their packaging. The codes are placed on the french fries’ cartons and are a part of a campaign running nationwide to promote the new Dip&Squeeze Heinz ketchup packets. Wendy’s is the world’s third largest hamburger company with over 6,000 franchise [...]

Coca-Cola launching a “Share a Coke and a Song” campaign

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Coca-Cola, Spotify and Universal have launched a campaign that will allow Australians to relive special moments and connect again with family and friends by encouraging them to share a song unlocked by URLs or QR Codes printed on Coca-Cola products. The “Share a Coke and a Song” campaign will be running until December and will [...]

Fast Web Media is taking Carling to the Isle of Wight

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FWM is taking the refreshing lager Carling to the Isle of Wight Festival by creating a QR Code campaign. Over 300,000 cups at the fest are including the QR Code that once scanned is directing the users to Carling’s mobile site where they can enter their data. Winners can receive a mobile voucher which they [...]

How long does a QR Code live?

POSTED BY on Jun 15 under Blog, QR Codes has provided a report that shows longevity statistics on a QR Code placed on a book cover for HarperCollins’ LA Candy in 2009. The results are revealing that the campaign is still strong and currently is gaining almost 500 unique scans monthly. HarperTeen have published the book in different countries of the world and [...]

QR Code constructed from orange crates in Mexico

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To raise the awareness of Volkswagen Crafter vans, a QR Code was constructed from orange crates in Central de Abasto, Mexico City. Targeting potential buyers for cargo vans in the biggest wholesale marketplace in Mexico City and in the world. After the QR Code was constructed and scanned, it was dismantled and all the crates [...]

RewardLoop has raised $1 million with QR Coded program

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RewardLoop is a startup with a new concept to reward programs that has raised more than $1 million in funding. To start with RewardLoop, the retailers need to place an adapter on their POS systems at checkouts. Everytime a person makes a payment, a QR Code is printed on the receipt, which the customer scans [...]

Fred Perry is using QR codes for a new competition

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QR codes are popular in advertising these days, as they are allowing the business to connect with their the customers and provides them access to information, digital content, service, company as well as a promotional tool. The Fred Perry campaign is promoting a competition in partnership with the filmmaker Don Letts, it’s purpose is to [...]