The Royal Dutch Mint revealed an augmented reality coin

POSTED BY on Aug 2 under Mobile & Web News, QR Codes

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Mint on Utrecht last year, the Royal Dutch Mint had produced the first QR Coded coin and now they announced the first AR coin – a silver Aruba 5 Florin named “Shoco”. Aruba is a Dutch Island in the Caribbean Sea and Shoco is a burrowing owl (Athene [...]

Ikea’s 2013 catalog will include AR

POSTED BY on Jul 20 under Mobile & Web News

Ikea’s 2013 catalog will include an augmented reality app that will allow customers to access interactive features, videos and photo galleries with their mobile devices. As the video shows, Ikea has been printing out a catalog since 1951 and it has evolved from print to an iOS and Android application. Ikea has not yet released [...]

Apple has granted patent for “peripheral treatment for head-mounted displays”

POSTED BY on Jul 6 under Mobile & Web News

The most expected piece of technology of 2013 is certainly the Google Glass, which is Google’s chance in the AR space. However, Google is not the only technology giant that got its eye on the AR tech. Apple is also heading to the technology – the patent they granted for “peripheral treatment for head-mounted displays” [...]

Sony is working on AR glasses

POSTED BY on Jun 27 under Mobile & Web News

Sony is embracing AR technology more quickly, the company has been experienced some pressure from competitors to adopt AR and provide customers with a new experience. Users have shown interest in AR and its various uses, this interest is directed at Google for its Project Glass. Google’s Project Glass was aiming to bring AR to [...]

GQ Magazine with an augmented reality mobile application

POSTED BY on Jun 21 under Mobile & Web News

Just like others in the print industry, GQ is struggling to compete with technology of many kinds. Although the magazine is better than others, they are still feeling the need to include interactive tech in its publications. GQ has already made use of QR Codes and the initiative was successful, now the magazine is able [...]

Maybelline with augmented reality Color Show Nail Lacquer

POSTED BY on Jun 13 under Mobile & Web News

Blippar London, an AR start-up, that has working with Heinz, Nestlé, Diageo, Sony, Mercedes and Nike and is now partnering with Maybelline New York to launch the world’s first AR nail lacquer shade shopper. The customer needs to download the Blippar application and tap the image to start the augmented reality experience. Maybelline and Blippar’s [...]

Aurasma software brings to life printed images

POSTED BY on Jun 8 under Mobile & Web News

Aurasma software is a free application for smartphones that recognizes images, rather than scanning a code. Aurasma describes the app as a virtual browser. When you see the company’s “A” logo on an image, you can scan it, when it is recognized it will take you to an AR experience which brings the images to [...]

Layar Creator to turn printed pages into a digital portal

POSTED BY on Jun 7 under AzonMobile

One of the best companies in the augmented reality system for tablets and smartphones, Layar, is setting its sights on empowering an inactive technology with AR – print. The web-based Layar Creator application turns printed pages into digital portal. The main idea is to make the content of print magazines interactive.   The application is [...]

Sony shows AR Wonderbook

POSTED BY on Jun 5 under Mobile & Web News

During its press conference, Sony presented their new AR experience Wonderbook that uses PS Move. The Wonderbook’s platform expands what a normal book is by including AR graphics and other visual effects on you TV screen when used with PS3 and PS3 Eye in conjunction. Similar thing was done by Sony with its EyePet project. [...]

Philips with an AR application

POSTED BY on Jun 1 under Mobile & Web News

Philips announced an application for Apple and Android, designed to show property owners how Philips products will look in their hotel rooms. By using the AR-driven application, hoteliers can overlay a three-dimensional picture of TVs in the rooms. The picture is displayed on a tablet’s or smartphone’s screen showing how the TV fits in certain [...]

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