Playboy magazine with augmented reality app

POSTED BY on Feb 11 under Mobile & Web News

Playboy has announced its partnership with Layar to introduce an AR app in order to provide the magazine a new high tech look. The print industry is struggling these days due to decrease in subscriptions and the increase of customers that prefer to read digital content. Playboy Netherlands has seen the trend and it is [...]

Harmony includes QR Codes and AR into t-shirts

POSTED BY on Nov 27 under QR Codes

Harmony have launched an augmented reality range of products, just in time for the shopping season. The product line includes iPad sleeves, t-shirts and mouse mats. The company is using QR Codes and an augmented reality application to make the images come alive once they are scanned. Some of the most popular designs are the [...]

Park Me Right app to help you find your vehicle

POSTED BY on Nov 8 under Mobile & Web News

It happens to many people to misplace or lose their car. To help people fight the problem, developer have created an app called Park Me Right. When you arrive at a location, you must open up the application and set the GPS coordinates. When leaving a crowded parking it will be very easy to find [...]

Scheels installed an ArmorActive iPad kiosk to provide AR to its customers

POSTED BY on Oct 31 under Mobile & Web News

Sporting retailer Scheels installed an ArmorActive kisok in its Utah store, providing users an augmented reality experience. The kiosk consists an ArmorActive iPad stand and hand held green screens. Customers can choose from a selection of digital props that fill the green screen after the images are taken in front of the backdrop. The image [...]

Beermats to help raise funds for Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice

POSTED BY on Oct 19 under Mobile & Web News

The Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice has teamed up with Rother Print to create special beermats to raise funds and spread the word about the hospice’s work. Users must use the Layar‘s free application to scan the beermats, which will direct the users to the website of the hospice and allow them to donate online. The [...]

The Darkness band with an augmented reality application

POSTED BY on Sep 5 under Mobile & Web News

The Darkness band has included an augmented reality app among its mobile features. Fans that point the phone’s camera at their latest album cover, T-shirt, advertisement or other band related artwork will unlock additional content. Users can take a photo of themselves or a friend posing virtually with band’s singer Justin Hawkins. The Darkness application [...]

Ann Summers with an augmented reality app

POSTED BY on Aug 31 under Mobile & Web News

Ann Summers has announced an AR campaign named BlippTease – it uses Blippar app to make the campaign interactive. The retailer says that the campaign is the world’s first AR lingerie collection. Customers can use the application to interact with store windows, ad posters and Ann Summers’ MiniLogue magazine and virtually try on the latest [...]

Eisenhower Memorial with augmented reality application

POSTED BY on Aug 31 under Mobile & Web News

Eisenhower Memorial is using an augmented reality application to tell the story of the US president in a new and innovative way. The memorial to honor the president and WWII commander is the first to include an AR application. The app will allow visitors to use their mobile devices to experience the memorial not just [...]

Astral Out-of-Home with AR marketing campaigns

POSTED BY on Aug 29 under Mobile & Web News

Iris AR and Astral Out-of-Home teamed up to create a more accessible AR marketing campaign. The companies created an app called iRiS AR, which is meant to connect users with their favorite brands by providing a digital and dynamic content. Astral is planning to roll out its AR marketing app in Canada, where a growing [...]

Marmite with an AR experience

POSTED BY on Aug 22 under Mobile & Web News

UK’s most hated/loved (that depends on who you are speaking to) yeast extract has teamed up with Blippar. This partnership will see Blippar pulling digital information from Marmite’s label, which is created to provide users access to recipes (with Marmite, naturally…) by pointing their Android/iOS devices at the jar of the product. The augmented realty [...]

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