TomTom launched an iPhone Taxi app

POSTED BY on Feb 6 under Mobile & Web News

To find a taxi in New York is not that difficult if you know where taxis usually congregate and travel, but for people from out of town it could be very frustrating experience and mobile apps may be even more important in big cities. TomTom has announced a new service back in September 2012 in [...]

Harmony includes QR Codes and AR into t-shirts

POSTED BY on Nov 27 under QR Codes

Harmony have launched an augmented reality range of products, just in time for the shopping season. The product line includes iPad sleeves, t-shirts and mouse mats. The company is using QR Codes and an augmented reality application to make the images come alive once they are scanned. Some of the most popular designs are the [...]

Regent Street in London has its own application

POSTED BY on Aug 27 under Mobile & Web News

A new lifestyle and shopping application has been launched for Regent Street in London. The application is available for iPhone only and shares information about Regent Street’s cafes, bars, retailers and other useful information for customers. Regent Street is famous with his 60 stores, over 30 restaurants and 15 cafes. The app is strengthening Regent [...]

MCX joint venture to develop a mobile payment application

POSTED BY on Aug 16 under Mobile & Web News

US merchants have formed a company that will allow customers to make payments and receive rewards by using their smartphones. The joint venture is named Merchant Customer Exchange and it is currently creating a mobile app that will integrate customer offers, retail projects and promotions from the participating retailers. According to MCX the app will [...]

InstaWiFi app allows you to share access to WiFi connection via QR Codes and NFC

POSTED BY on Jul 30 under QR Codes

The InstaWiFi application allows you to share access to your WiFi connection via QR Codes and NFC tags, making it faster option than typing passwords. The process is very simple and takes just a few minutes and the result is worth it. First you install the InstaWiFi application on your Android tablet or smartphone, open [...]

Taxi Magic app helps you catch a ride

POSTED BY on Jul 27 under Mobile & Web News

Taxis can now benefit from mobile features like GPS, estimated travel costs and electronic payments. To catch a ride with the application is very pleasant experience and it shows that it can compete with Lyft and UberX services. The application includes a new sleeker interface, an option to add favorite locations or fleet companies and [...]

QR Codes on monthly billing statements

POSTED BY on Jul 19 under QR Codes

Sawnee EMC has included QR Codes on their monthly billing statements, which when scanned with a tablet or smartphone device are leading the user to a customer service website. Sawnee EMC stated that the addition of the service is a nod to the increased use of mobile devices among associates. The company is receiving comments [...]

Mobile application allows users to provide proof of age

POSTED BY on Jun 22 under Mobile & Web News

In the UK smartphones are used not only for shopping and communicating, but some mobile applications are allowing the users to provide proof of age to some venues. The technology involves a sticker attached to the handset and contains the data connected with the user’s fingerprint. To access the information, the sticker must be held [...]

GQ Magazine with an augmented reality mobile application

POSTED BY on Jun 21 under Mobile & Web News

Just like others in the print industry, GQ is struggling to compete with technology of many kinds. Although the magazine is better than others, they are still feeling the need to include interactive tech in its publications. GQ has already made use of QR Codes and the initiative was successful, now the magazine is able [...]

MyForce mobile panic button for emergencies

POSTED BY on Jun 15 under Mobile & Web News

MyForce is a security application that can change the face of personal safety. The app is subscription-based and launches a panic button for emergencies. Users are encouraged to arm themselves during unaccompanied walks at night in desolate places. There are lot of emergency alert applications on Android, BlackBerry and iOS platforms, but MyForce is the [...]

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