QR Code memorial for Steve Jobs pop up in St. Petersburg

POSTED BY on Jan 10 under QR Codes

Over a year since Steve Jobs passed away people are making trips to the Apple Stores in order to show condolences. Memorials for Steve Jobs are popping up everywhere and the latest is placed in St. Petersburg. A 6 ft tall interactive memorial shaped like Apple’s latest iPhone is used to display videos, photos, speeches [...]

Mobile web traffic jumps with 84% in December 2012

POSTED BY on Jan 9 under Mobile & Web News

23% of the total web traffic is coming from mobile devices in December 2012, according to a recent report by Walker Sands marketing and PR agency. Mobile devices traffic has grown with 84% from December 2011 to the same period last year. Additionally, mobile traffic has grown from 6% of all website traffic in January [...]

RIM, Apple, Motorola and other companies sued for wireless related patent violation

POSTED BY on Jan 8 under Mobile & Web News

And just as we thought that the lawsuits are over, it looks like RIM, Motorola, Apple and a number of other companies which include US telecoms have been surprised with a massive case and will be sued over patent violation of wireless related patent owned by Steelhead Licensing. The patent is related to a process [...]

Apple wants Samsung to withdrawal its US requests

POSTED BY on Jan 8 under Mobile & Web News

Last year, Samsung wanted to ban Apple‘s iPhone 5 in Europe, but have changed their mind and withdraw all of their requests for a injunction on Apple devices at a later date. Anyway, this is obviously only for Europe, meaning that Samsung’s lawsuits are pending in the US and Apple is apparently not happy about [...]

Apple’s market share reached 18.5% in the US

POSTED BY on Jan 7 under Mobile & Web News

After the report several weeks ago that showed that iOS’ market share has overtaken Android in the US, now a report from comScore is revealing that Apple‘s share has increased to 18.5% in November 2012. This is a 1.4% increase from August when their share was 17.1%. Not surprisingly, Samsung is reigning on the top [...]

Which technology company made the most cash in 2012?

POSTED BY on Dec 21 under Mobile & Web News

All of the technological giants made great moves this year, but how did their revenue shake out? Which companies has made the most money and which were growing the fastest? Statista has revealed a report, braking the stock performance, revenue growth and the income of some of the tech and internet giants. While Samsung and [...]

Apple’s App Store earning more money than Google Play

POSTED BY on Dec 21 under Mobile & Web News

A recent report by Disimo App Analytics has revealed that Apple’s App Store has grew with 21% in daily revenue and a 50% growth in an overall revenue, while Google Play has seen a tremendously in the past 4 months with a daily revenue up to 43% in 20 countries. The countries included China, Finland, [...]

US court found Apple’s iPhone on infringing three MobileMedia’s patents

POSTED BY on Dec 15 under Mobile & Web News

The US court has found Apple’s iPhone on infringing three MobileMedia’s patents, a company based in Maryland. MobileMedia is an essentially patent-holding firm and its patents are displayed on their site, have sued Apple in 2010, stating that the company has infringed around 20 of its patents. The latest ruling has found the iPhone to [...]

Australian police is warning tourists not to use Apple Maps to guide them

POSTED BY on Dec 10 under Mobile & Web News

Visitors of Australia have been warned not to rely and use Apple’s mapping application to guide them in some parts of the country. The Victoria police made the statement after several incidents where people got lost and could die from exposure or heat. Victoria Police inspector Clemence, stated that if it was a 45 degree [...]

The ITC staff reviewed the Apple/ Samsung case, supports the initial ruling

POSTED BY on Nov 30 under Mobile & Web News

A while back Samsung had requested that the ITC review the initial ruling by Judge Thomas Pender, who decided that Samsung is infringing four Apple patents, while not violating two others. Although for different reasons, both companies have requested the review. Of course, Samsung hoped that the review could rule more in their favor, while [...]

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