QR Codes allow nonprofit organizations to make donations

POSTED BY on Dec 3 under QR Codes

Linxter has announced that it will be adding QR Code donation support to its mobile application allAware, that is designed to improve member and communication engagement for nonprofits. QR Codes are making it easier for people to support their organizations, as all they have to do is scan the code via a mobile application. For [...]

Nokia released a PhotoBeamer app that shares your photos via QR Codes

POSTED BY on Nov 30 under QR Codes

Today Nokia released a new application for its Windows Phone Lumia devices called PhotoBeamer to allow users to share images via QR Codes. The goal is to make the photo sharing simple and fast. Nokia states that the application is opening images from the Windows Phone default gallery and then visits the PhotoBeamer site from [...]

QR Codes to be used as cinema tickets

POSTED BY on Nov 12 under QR Codes

A Singaporean cinema operator is cutting out paper tickets and long queues for its visitors. The cinema revealed a new automated features at its City Square Mall multiplex. Visitors at the cinema will be able to book tickets from the multiplex mobile application, where a unique QR Code will be generated. They will be able [...]

Park Me Right app to help you find your vehicle

POSTED BY on Nov 8 under Mobile & Web News

It happens to many people to misplace or lose their car. To help people fight the problem, developer have created an app called Park Me Right. When you arrive at a location, you must open up the application and set the GPS coordinates. When leaving a crowded parking it will be very easy to find [...]

Ann Summers with an augmented reality app

POSTED BY on Aug 31 under Mobile & Web News

Ann Summers has announced an AR campaign named BlippTease – it uses Blippar app to make the campaign interactive. The retailer says that the campaign is the world’s first AR lingerie collection. Customers can use the application to interact with store windows, ad posters and Ann Summers’ MiniLogue magazine and virtually try on the latest [...]

Taxi Magic app helps you catch a ride

POSTED BY on Jul 27 under Mobile & Web News

Taxis can now benefit from mobile features like GPS, estimated travel costs and electronic payments. To catch a ride with the application is very pleasant experience and it shows that it can compete with Lyft and UberX services. The application includes a new sleeker interface, an option to add favorite locations or fleet companies and [...]

MyForce mobile panic button for emergencies

POSTED BY on Jun 15 under Mobile & Web News

MyForce is a security application that can change the face of personal safety. The app is subscription-based and launches a panic button for emergencies. Users are encouraged to arm themselves during unaccompanied walks at night in desolate places. There are lot of emergency alert applications on Android, BlackBerry and iOS platforms, but MyForce is the [...]

A new app can save you time standing in line

POSTED BY on Apr 17 under Mobile & Web News

PayDragon is a new app focused on mobile payments and it is connecting people directly to the products. The app is working with a few merchants and food trucks in order to speed up the ordering process. It works very simply – you run the app and it shows the nearest food trucks and restaurants, [...]