Isis to be released in October 22

POSTED BY on Oct 11 under Mobile & Web News

Isis Wallet will go live in just a few weeks, Android Central has reported. According to the leaked document, customers in Austin and Salt Lake City will be allowed to use Isis’ services beginning October 22 on selected devices. Even though there is still no list of supported devices, Isis has a long list of [...]

TomTom navigation is now available for Android devices

POSTED BY on Oct 5 under Mobile & Web News

TomTom has officially landed in the Google Play Store, after it was announced at the IFA in September. The application will cost the same as in the Apple App store, even though it is $10 cheaper right now, which means that users can get it for $49.99 – an introductory price, so you better be [...]

Huawei is working on its own OS

POSTED BY on Sep 25 under Mobile & Web News

Huawei has announced that they are developing their own mobile OS, in case they separate with Microsoft or Google. Huawei is hoping to be able to compete with Mozilla’s Firefox OS, which ZTE is already planning to include in Q1 2013. The company stated that they are devoting resources into creating a new OS based [...]

Device Fidelity updating Moneto mobile wallet

POSTED BY on Sep 5 under Mobile & Web News

Device Fidelity had announced that it will update its mobile wallet, Moneto, and will include a few new features. A new application, called Money Move will allow Android and iOS Moneto users to transfer money to each other free of charge. The mocroSD card for Android now will come with 4GB extra storage and will [...]

Galaxy S III to be the first Android device with QuickTap payment service

POSTED BY on Sep 4 under Mobile & Web News

Samsung’s Galaxy S III will be the first Android device with QuickTap payment service by Barclaycard and Orange. From tomorrow Orange’s users who own a Galaxy S III and a MasterCard or Visa debit/credit card will be able to use the QuickTap feature. Users will be allowed to use the device to make contactless payments [...]

QR Codes providing real time bus arrival data in Pennsylvania

POSTED BY on Aug 23 under QR Codes

Pennsylvania’s Center Area Transportation Authority announced that it will include QR Codes on the bus stops. Commuters will be able to use the codes, added to the signage at the busiest routes. When the code is scanned it will provide real time bus arrival information. As the provided data is always up to date, it [...]

Marmite with an AR experience

POSTED BY on Aug 22 under Mobile & Web News

UK’s most hated/loved (that depends on who you are speaking to) yeast extract has teamed up with Blippar. This partnership will see Blippar pulling digital information from Marmite’s label, which is created to provide users access to recipes (with Marmite, naturally…) by pointing their Android/iOS devices at the jar of the product. The augmented realty [...]

Google added an additional 13 languages to Google Voice Search

POSTED BY on Aug 17 under Mobile & Web News

If English is not your maternal language or if you have an accent that Google‘s Voice Search does not seem to be able to understand, would might be pleased to learn that Google has updated their Voice Search on Android. Google has added an additional 13 languages, which will bring the total amount of supported [...]

Sony announced that it will release а PlayStation Mobile

POSTED BY on Aug 16 under Mobile & Web News

Sony’s gaming service platform, PlayStation, will be available on Android and Vita. At the Gamescom in Germany, Sony stated that it will release PlayStation Mobile this fall in over thirty countries including Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Japan, US, UK, Spain and Australia. Sony Computer Entertainment is planning small sized games which will play on the [...]

Gingerbread is still the dominant Android OS

POSTED BY on Aug 2 under Mobile & Web News

Android Gingerbread is the predecessor of the Ice Cream Sandwich OS, but it seems that it remains the dominant Android operating system, according to Google Play store statistics. Gingerbread is currently holding 60% of the Android devices that have been accessing the Google Play, ICS is second with 16%, Froyo comes third at 15.5%, down [...]

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