E-Ink Android smartphone revealed

POSTED BY on Mar 1 under Mobile & Web News

If you are a fan of the Kindle Paperwhite, the Nook as well as the reading practice and surfing using an e-ink device, then you will be glad to hear that Taiwan’s E Ink has revealed an e-ink based Android smartphone. The smartphone includes all the functions that normal smartphones have, but it is much [...]

Google is worried that it has created a monster

POSTED BY on Feb 26 under Mobile & Web News

The constant threat that Apple is in the mobile marketplace, Google now has to worry even about its most successful partner – Samsung. Google is fearing that Samsung might use its massive power to demand bigger shares of Google’s ad profits. Google provides the Android software for free but it shares search profits with handset [...]

Android overtakes iOS in the US again

POSTED BY on Feb 25 under Mobile & Web News

Android is back on the top position as the best selling operating system in the US. Apple’s iOS lead the market share with 53.3% for 3 months until October last year, when Apple and Android devices were at almost the same price. Not from October 2012 to January this year though, quite the opposite – [...]

Tablets to overtake PC shipments by the end of the year

POSTED BY on Feb 19 under Mobile & Web News

Tablet shipments are below PC sales but a report is forecasting that they will surpass PCs by the end of the year. Tablet shipments are about 60 million range, while PC sales are in the 80 million per quarter. According to the analysts, the tablet marketplace is very similar to the smartphone market – iOS [...]

Sony’s Personal Content Station with an April release date

POSTED BY on Feb 7 under Mobile & Web News

At the CES 2013 Sony has announced its Personal Content Station that is using NFC technology to pair with Android devices. The device has been given an April release date and the expected price is around $300. The storage station will include a 1TB drive which is NFC compatible to enable simple and quick pairing [...]

Qualcomm’s roadmap revealing possible Key Lime Pie announcement taken down

POSTED BY on Feb 4 under Mobile & Web News

Last week we reported on a Qualcomm roadmap revealing a possible Android Key Lime Pie announcement in the Spring, which coincides with the scheduled for May Google I/O. Qualcomm has been struggling to remove the traces of the leak across the web. The company has been sending copyright violation notifications for publishing the roadmap, which [...]

Mobile web traffic jumps with 84% in December 2012

POSTED BY on Jan 9 under Mobile & Web News

23% of the total web traffic is coming from mobile devices in December 2012, according to a recent report by Walker Sands marketing and PR agency. Mobile devices traffic has grown with 84% from December 2011 to the same period last year. Additionally, mobile traffic has grown from 6% of all website traffic in January [...]

Scammers using QR Codes to clickjack users

POSTED BY on Dec 11 under QR Codes

If you want to share a link, QR Codes are very handy, but unfortunately scammers are aware that they are also a good way to lure users into opening links that they should not. Warren Sealey from Symantec states that scammers are using the codes anywhere they can, placing their QR Code stickers on top [...]

Google includes QR Codes for airport check in

POSTED BY on Dec 10 under QR Codes

Google is continuing to improve its Google Now app to make it even more effective. With the Google Search new update, the app will be able to monitor the user’s email address for boarding passes and then bringing up QR Codes automatically for check in when a person arrives to the terminal – identical feature [...]

Apple’s iPad market share is declining

POSTED BY on Nov 28 under Mobile & Web News

A recent report has shown that iOS is reigning the smartphone marketplace, which is largely due to the iPhone 5′s recent release, even though the iPad did help a lot too. Anyway, in the latest ABI report, the iPad did not seem to contribute that much. The report shows that in Q3 2012 the iPad [...]

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