Tablet owners are more likely to use their devices for m-commerce during holiday shopping season

POSTED BY on Oct 24 under Mobile & Web News

Depending on their mobile devices, customers are behaving differently, according to a report.

The report is discussing the role of m-commerce in 2012 holiday shopping season, even though that the sales increase is expected to reach 4% over the same period in 2011, it is believed that tablets and handsets will be larger part of the shopping experience than in the past.

The report also shows that over 30% of tablet owners will be using their devices to purchase gifts.

Among the people who were questioned, the report reveals that 53% of handset owners and 64% of tablet owners are intending to use the devices for mobile commerce purposes over the shopping season.

This includes the research of various types of products, foods, gifts and making actual purchases.

More tablet owners are planning to shop through their devices, which is credited to the larger screens, which makes the process easier. The report also shows that tablet owners are more likely to use their devices for m-commerce, than smartphone owners and it is expected the numbers to increase in the next few years.


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