Sony is working on AR glasses

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Sony is embracing AR technology more quickly, the company has been experienced some pressure from competitors to adopt AR and provide customers with a new experience.

Users have shown interest in AR and its various uses, this interest is directed at Google for its Project Glass.

Google’s Project Glass was aiming to bring AR to eyewear, a project that Sony may be working on as well.

The company has filed a new patent that details its own AR glasses. The patent suggests that the Sony glasses will include features that will make the glasses an entertainment system.

They will be equipped with microphone, LED emitters, two speakers and camera.

The lenses will be able to change their transparency depending on the AR content that is shown.

The AR glasses can open the way for new interactive ads that could be engaged anywhere.

Sony’s glasses can be used for mobile commerce as well, allowing users to make purchases through AR displays.

The patent was filled in Q1 2012 and the company is showing interest in augmented reality technology and applications in its gaming industry.


However, Sony has not yet made an official statement.



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