Smartphone usage in Q1 2012

POSTED BY on May 8 under Mobile & Web News

Today, the Nielsen Company posted the results of its research that shows that up to March 2012 the smartphone consumers in the US were 50,4% . Android OS is still on the top with 48,5% of all smartphones, Apple is second and not very close with 32% but still remains the biggest smartphone brand.

Since December 2011 the percentage has shown growth with almost 3% – from 48.8% to 50.4%. While smartphone usage seems to grow, the numbers are slowing down in the US.

The research also shows that 50.9% of female mobile subscribers carried smartphones, and men are behind with 50.1%.

It is not much of a surprise that younger users are more tech-savvy with 2 out of 3, 25-35 year-olds are using smartphone handsets.



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