Seven Eleven with QR Codes on their Arizona Beverages

POSTED BY on Sep 13 under QR Codes

From September, customers at Seven Eleven will be able to scan QR Codes on the label of their Arizona beverages in an effort to to win different prizes.

The new Cherry Lime flavor is available exclusively at Seven Eleven.

By making the launch at Seven Eleven, Arizona Beverages are playing safe, because of the success that the store chain has experienced with mobile commerce in the past.

The Arizona Beverages are celebrating their 20th anniversary and engaged fans to create the packaging and to choose the flavor and design for the campaign.

QR Codes will help the company to encourage users to step into mobile.

The new contest is a way that the company is using to thank their customers that have shown their support and enthusiasm, as the scan is giving customers a chance to win unique and limited edition prizes.

The QR Code project is the first that Arizona Beverages is placing on their packaging.

The code is linked to a mobile website where prizes can be unlocked, including branded merchandise, free products and the grand prize – a trunk filled with drinks.


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